Factors to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Mailbox Service NYC



The early months of 2020 have changed the way we work. Most of the companies are now encouraging their employees to work remotely, mostly from their homes. A new culture of Work from home is now becoming a necessity for the companies operating in the United States and abroad. 

Many organizations are winding up their physical offices and are shifting towards virtual offices that don’t have any particular physical location. However, organizations and individuals who are working remotely are faced with a problem.

How will they receive emails or parcels if they don’t have any physical office address? The only solution to this situation is a Virtual Mailbox.  

Virtual Mailbox Service NYC

What is a Virtual Mailbox 

In the past few years, many such virtual mail service companies are in operation in the United States. So you have to think wisely and should consider the following essential factors before choosing a virtual mailbox service NYC.

First, let us know what a virtual mailbox is and revolutionize the traditional post office mailbox and the entire mailing system. Now, what is the virtual mailbox? It is a virtual mail service that gives you a physical address that you can use as your permanent address for receiving your mails and packages. 

Whenever you receive a mail, the virtual mail service notifies you and will send you a scanned copy of the envelope of the mail or package to your email address. Then you can direct the service provider what you want to do with the mail.

You can direct them to open the envelope and send you the contents of the mail via email or forward the letter directly to your current location.

Following are Some Few Services Offered:

Receiving Letters

The main service of a virtual mailbox is to receive letters on behalf of you and to scan and forward the content of the letter to your respective email address. And everything will be with your consent like they will send you the scan copy of the cover page. And if you want to see what is that, with your consent only they will open that mail as well.

If needed, they will send you that, and if in some cases you do not want them to open the envelope, they will send you directly.

Package Handling

Some virtual mailboxes only deal with letters, but some others also provide the facility of receiving Packages for their customers and forward them to the address as directed by the customers.

If you are running a business where you receive a good number of packages frequently, then it is beneficial for you to choose a virtual mailbox because then all the packages are received in one place. You can also forward them to various places without getting into any stress.

Financial Assistance

Some mailbox with your permission, also deposit the Checks you receive by mail on behalf of you. 

Another factor you should consider while choosing a virtual mailbox service NYC is the Charges of various services. Most of the mailboxes charge different money for different services.

Like Scanning Charge, it is the money you should pay for scanning each mail you receive. It generally costs around $1 per page. Some companies even offer a price as low as $0.10 per page. 

They also charge when you forward a mail or package, forwarding a mail generally costs $1-2 and for a package around $5-10. You need to also pay a monthly fee depending upon the number of services they are providing.

It generally ranges from $10 to $50 per month. And you do not have to at the same place to receive these packages. While you travel from places to places or staying abroad, you can easily get this courier.

So choosing a Virtual mailbox seems to be difficult, but if you consider the facts mentioned above, you can find a suitable virtual mailbox as per your needs and requirements. I will also recommend exploring some of the leading virtual mailbox service providers and taking the free trials of their services.

So you can choose more wisely and will be more satisfied by using the Virtual Mailbox. So, for example, some of the worldwide mailbox services are:

· Earth Class Mail

· Virtual Post Mail

· Anytime mail Box

· US Global Mail

· Uk Post Box

· Travelling Mail Box

· Post Scan Mail

· Pobox Zone

· Ipostal1

· Postnet

· Physical Address

· Esmail

· Canadian Address

You can go check out their services and features for better understanding. They have mentioned the rates as well, so it will be easy for you to compare them as well.


The first and most important factor you should consider when choosing a virtual mailbox service NYC is your needs and how you are going to use it. Different Virtual mailbox offers different sets of facilities to its customers.