Exploring the Most Popular Styles of Video Animation


Animated videos are an exceptional tool for conveying messages and impacting your audience positively. They are often used for explainer videos and promotional videos for brands.

But what is video animation?

Video animation is a concept that involves drawing several static photos and then stitching them together to produce an illusion of motion. The motion comes from displaying the different static images at different frame rates. 

By seeking top-notch video animation services, you can present information to your audience in an intriguing, yet meaningful way and evoke certain emotions or responses.

Styles of video animation

Video animation takes different forms or styles, with the most common being:

1. Frame-by-frame/traditional animation

This is the most classic form of animation, sometimes referred to as flipbook animation or stop-motion method. For this old-school animation style, the artists would have to draw each frame individually with incremental changes for the succeeding image, which creates a sense of motion.

The problem with traditional animation is that it’s labor-intensive and time-consuming.

2. Keyframe 2D animation

This animation style is an upgrade of frame-to-frame animation, using computers to eliminate the time-consuming parts of the previous style of animation. When you use computers, you can set the key frames of a given element or a specific character’s movement.

For example, you can create the beginning, middle, and end of a particular movement, then the computer will fill out the frames between the points that you’ve created. Thus, creating animated videos will be less arduous and available on a wider scale.

3. Stop motion animation

This style of animation uses the same concept of frame-to-frame animation, except this time, the images are from photographed objects. An object will be photographed, then moved in small increments, thus creating motion when watched in rapid succession.

Though this method is labor and time-intensive, it’s not as demanding as the frame-to-frame method. Moreover, it’s the pocket-friendlier option.

4. 3D animation

This animation style aims to create images and movements that are as life-like as possible. It does that by adding a third dimension (depth) to the animated images, delivering a result of realistic objects, settings, textures, and even lighting.

The majority of modern animation movies use this style of animation since its practical, more available, and cheaper.

5. Whiteboard animation

This animation style is best suited for narration. It involves an artist drawing a scene on a whiteboard and presenting it in an illustrative way. Whiteboard animation can come in handy if you want to give your audience an immersive experience during talks, events, or meetings. When used correctly, whiteboard animations can demonstrate complex ideas or detailed topics more easily and effectively, increasing their comprehensibility.

6. Typography animation

This style of animating images is also known as Kinetic Typography, and it involves moving text with various effects such as bolding, shrinking, and expanding. It’s a fairly minimalistic style of animation that can be used to present anything from product launch presentations to lyrical music videos.

The upside of this animation style is that it can communicate the right message in a short time without the need for complicated visuals. On the other hand, it limits your ability to tell stories visually, since all you have on the screen is text and data.

Additional styles of animation

Depending on what your needs are, you may also come across the following types of animation, though these are less common:

  • Clay animation, also known as claymation
  • Rotoscope animation
  • Puppetry animation
  • Traditional cel animation
  • Mechanical animation

There you have it!

The above are the most popular styles of animation that you can engage for your next event or to communicate in a certain way to a specific audience. If you’re wondering whether video animation will work for your case, reach out to The Sketch Effect and get professional advice to get you out of your dilemma.

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