Entrepreneur Glenn Vo: Industry Influencer


Glenn Vo has a passion for helping entrepreneurs build community, leverage social media, and grow their businesses.

And, he helps them save money while doing it. 

Dr. Glenn Leon Vo is a practicing dentist, best-selling author, business coach, and speaker.  As the creator of The Nifty Thrifty Dentists, Dr. Vo helps dentists save money in their practice through the power of social media.  He also hosts The Nifty Thrifty Dentists and Doctor Entrepreneur podcasts.

Dr. Vo is the author of 2612 Cherryhill Ln., a USA Today best-selling book. His upcoming book, Industry Influencer, is a playbook on how to become a leader in your industry.

Here’s what Dennis Yu, world-renowned marketer, has to say about Industry Influencer:

“In a world swarming with self-proclaimed influencers, Glenn Vo is the real deal. Who else is a practicing industry professional who also has a group of over 30,000 in his industry? If you want to make the leap from doctor to being well-known in your community and in an area you care about, there is no better road map than the Industry Influencer.

This program helps you map out your WHY, so you can then build your personal brand on this framework. The content creation phase helps you publish your book, fill out your social media presence, and your website.  And amplification is how you get eyeballs on your content, building relationships and speaking opportunities. 

Glenn practices what he preaches, so he’s showing you a step-by-step formula that you can follow to become well-known in your city and for the causes you care about.”

Glenn is a practicing dentist in Denton, TX. He is an online influencer, with over 30,000 Facebook followers alone. In addition to his dental practice, he is a business consultant for new entrepreneurs, not only focused on dentistry, but on multiple career fields.

“There will be challenges along the way. People will say you can’t do something. Don’t lose your confidence. Stay focused. Get people who support you.”

In the future, Glenn wants to influence many new entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. He’s well on his way.