Eight Best Tools for Remote Employee Management


People across the world are working from home amidst this COVID-19 situation wherein a lot of countries are in lockdown. As a result, several people are faced with a completely new problem. Honestly, it will be hard for most of us to adjust and still maximize our productivity even when there are no confines of the regular office.

Fortunately for you, there is a set of tools that you can use. These tools can come in handy and help you boost your productivity while helping you through the work from the home process.

So, let us get started and address these tools one by one.


Asana is one of the best applications for remote workers. You can use the application to assign, create, and manage your routine tasks. Further, the application can also help in task organization, which enables you to organize the tasks just the way you like them.

There is also a feature that lets you communicate with a team member within the task. Hence, with Asana, you can be ensured of organized communication.

Asana also has an option to allow you to export or upload the files from Dropbox, Google Drive, computer, and any other cloud places.

‘We have worked from home for almost a year now. If there was one app that we majorly used around the year, then it was the Asana application,’ shares Gargi, who works with TrueBlueFishermen.

10 to 8 Meeting Scheduling Software

During your office work, there are going to be a lot of times when you will have to conduct meetings. This 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software can help distributed teams sync and organize the meetings daily, such as virtual coffees, cross-department meetings, daily stand-ups, and others.

‘When you have a team spread across different time zones, then you will love the 10 to 8 meeting application. It is one of the best time zone management features,’ shares Chris, an associate with RazorHood. 

Well, yes, with 10 to 8, you do not need any alternative app to convert BST to EDT – 10 to 8 can manage the same for you. Even when you are in the same country, people end up being confused or double-booked at times.

Thanks to the 10 to 8’s two-way sync along with external calendars, you can keep the diaries organized. There is also an option to set automated reminders, which ensure that the team members will appear in time for the meetings.

10 to 8 has a native Zoom Video integration. So, you can conduct video calls comfortably and ensure that the team you are working with can achieve maximum productivity in their work, even from home.


One of the best online project management software on the internet is ProofHub. Hundreds of remote teams trust the application as it helps to bring everything under one hood. Thanks to ProofHub, the team members can enjoy seamless interactions with other members of the team and clients. The application comes with an array of features. These include remote project management, online discussions, online proofing, and chat to share feedback.

‘We love the ProofHub application. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best, all-in-one project management software, which is truly a must-have for teams, which require top-notch management proficiency,’ states Marry, an associate representative with MyPlumbersChoice.

Screen Leap

It is one of the most screen sharing applications. It does not need any plugin, sign-up, or app installation. Via this tool, you can see Screen Leap from every possible device that has a browser.

Overall, it is one of the best tools for team managers who need a quick collaboration sans any barriers, such as account creation. You can use this application even on the go. Since there is no registration requirement, it is indeed one of the most prevalent picks.

More so, the technical quality is commendable.


Trello is one of the best productivity and project management tool. It is a visual means to manage the projects and ensure that everything stays right on track. The application is based on the Kanban approach of project management. The app uses boards, which can help in task organization. Further, you can build columns and insert tasks in them.

The tool works incredibly well for remote team management as it clearly depicts the stages for the tasks in action. Further, the team members can comment on the tasks. This ensures that the whole communication process is asynchronous.

‘Honestly, I do not love the to-do applications that much. The very need to be organized all the time can be quite curtailing. But I have to tell you; I love the Trello application for the very fact that it is so straightforward and effortless to use. The application is easy to tailor and one of the most incredible applications to get your things done.

In addition, the application has a bunch of add-on features. Moreover, it is easy to get started with the application,’ comments Joseph, an associate with PassionateRunners. 

Do you know what the best part about Trello is? It is a freemium application. So, you can start with the free version. There are some add-on features, which come at a cost. But the application is very reasonably priced and will cost you just 10 USD per month.


Another incredible project management application on our list is the Basecamp. It is a great tool for remote teams, and you can use it for assignment tracking, project management, documentation, scheduling, and meetings. Further, all the projects can be tracked easily from the platform.


Slack is indeed one of the most popular applications for remote communication. With Slack, you get a digital space that can allow you to share ideas, ensure everything is moving swiftly, and share comments in real-time. Thanks to Slack, you can now have all the team communication in a single place.

Offices and teams can use the application when they have people working remotely. It is an excellent remote collaboration tool, which can make team communication effortless. With Slack, you get complete native applications for both Android and iOS to provide you with great functionality.


Lastly, we have Dropbox. It is a cloud-based file sharing and storage platform. You can use the application to store images, files, documents, and videos and share the same with others. This is indeed the best platform to collaborate with remote employees and teams.

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