Effective Ways To Promoting Hand Hygiene During The COVID-19 Epidemic


It has never been more critical to maintain the highest level of hand hygiene that currently when the world is battling the deadly COVID-19. For businesses and event planners, a practical way to promote hand-washing at all times is to find a luxury portable sink for rent.

The world has come face to face against one of the most severe virus outbreaks in the 21st century that has brought lots of activities to a standstill. The COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March by the World Health Organization, after it tremendously affected the city of Wuhan, China. Since then, it has become a concern for the entire globe as it is a disease spread by human contact, which in the modern age is a challenge to limit. This is because every day, there are thousands of flights from one nation to the other resulting in a limitless chain of interactions that is hard to restrict. Consequently, it is not surprising that coronavirus infections have been reported across many cities and countries, necessitating strategic lockdowns. This has seen most people and businesses to take a break from their everyday activities even as health agencies and governments strive to control the effects of this pandemic.

Effective Ways To Promoting Hand Hygiene During The COVID-19 Epidemic - medicinenet.com
Effective Ways To Promoting Hand Hygiene During The COVID-19 Epidemic – medicinenet.com

Still, in cities and towns where the government has not announced and enforced total lockdowns, there is a need for life to continue but with the right caution. Primarily, the risks of contacting coronavirus can never be ignored by anyone regardless of whether they have a reported case near them or not. The trend of how the virus has spread in countries where it has led to thousands of infections shows this outbreak has massive powers of destruction. Consequently, it has become the mandate of everyone to adhere to the regulations stipulated by the World Health Organization on minimizing the spread of the COVID-19. Primarily the steps that have been recommended by the WHO are;

1.High levels of hand hygiene. An effective way of preventing the human-to-human transmission of coronavirus is by maintaining safe hygiene standards. Respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 are quickly spread through microbes and pathogens that we easily pick up when we touch anything. Our hands are quick to reach out to most things along our way, and this leaves us at significant risks of infection. However, by regularly washing our hands with soap, we get to limit the chances of contracting the virus or spreading it to those around us.

2.Social distancing. The COVID-19 virus spreads from person to person, and the easiest way to ensure that hundreds and thousands do not get infected is to limit human interactions. When people stay far from each other, the risks of transmissions are equally reduced. This is because those already infected do not get to spread the virus to others, and causing a chain of massive infections. The best way of social distancing is for everyone who must not be out doing any essential activity is to stay at home.

3.Self-quarantine and seeking medical attention. Individuals who start to show the symptoms associated with coronavirus must take the initiative to stay away from people, including their loved ones. Self-quarantine is goodwill for everyone as it allows those who are possibly infected to be in a safe environment where they will not cause more infections. If the symptoms persist, the next cause of action is to seek medical attention from facilities that have been approved in one’s locality.

The must do’s for businesses that are in operation during the COVID-19 Epidemic

Businesses and offices that must remain open as they offer critical services even during these trying times must take part in keeping everyone safe. A simple way of making this possible is by ensuring the employees and clients have an idea of maintaining excellent hand hygiene. Since people need to wash their hands before they get into the office, the most suitable measure is to find luxury portable sink for rent. These sinks can be strategically placed at entry points to make it easier for everyone to wash hands before they start performing any duties. By washing hands with clean flowing water and soap for at least 20 seconds, the spread of the virus is limited and keeps everyone safe.

The ease of acquiring portable sinks by businesses and event planners makes it a must-have item that cannot be easily substituted. For events, this is to be standard practice as people need to be safe not only from the COVID-19 virus but from other infections or diseases that are spread through human interactions. Retail stores, fuel stations, and offices stand to gain more value by opting for self-contained portable sinks than can be moved from one spot to the other.


Everywhere one turns to today; the message is for everyone to adhere to regular hand washing wherever they go. It has, therefore, become necessary for businesses and offices to find luxury portable sink for rent and make hand hygiene a top priority.