Double Your eCommerce Sales with SEO Services


Businesses are now going online with their e-Commerce stores. e-Commerce stores have changed the traditional marketing game for all. Businesses are investing in digital shops instead of physical stores or outlets. More brands are appearing on social platforms selling the same products and services, thus increasing local competition.

It is a healthy market to invest in but it requires proper digital marketing plan and strategic execution the achieve the ultimate results. Social media marketing has made it easy to increase sales by targeting and dividing ads into multiple categories. But other than social media it is essential to maintain and update digital store shops on every online channel, like the website.

An e-commerce web is the main hub of customer interaction, operation, and product promotion, therefore, websites should not be left optional. To promote your e-commerce store while defeating the intense competition it is essential to work on e-commerce SEO for better-optimized results. Ecommerce SEO Services UK will help in generating more web traffic, conversions, and boosting customer engagement. It will end in doubling the sales revenue.

Here are some e-commerce SEO tips to double your annual sales,

  • User interface
  • Managing product pages
  • Payment and security

User Interface:

When a visitor views a website the first impression he gets will decide whether he will buy from here or not. So, the design of the web page should comply with the business theme. The light-coloured, elegant theme should be supported with high-quality product images and buyer reviews. The original content and images are the better impression the viewer will perceive. A positive review will improve the brand’s repute and increase sales.

The navigation panel should be kept easy and classy. The visitor should easily switch between tabs to find more products. The faster the web page operates the more time visitor will spend on each page. If loading takes time, he might get irritated and leave the web for a competitor’s product. Thus, designing a professionally crafted web design with ease of customer interaction will help the website’s SEO ranking to determine sales.

Managing Product Pages:

Product pages are the most quantified in number. Sometimes, the product is available in multiple sizes, variations and sometimes it is out of stock or deleted. In each scenario, a different SEO compliant strategy is formed. In case of an out of the stock product, it is not important to delete that entire page until the product is made available. However, other similar recommendations of back in inventory time can be shared. Another option asking customers to make advance orders can help increasing page conversions as it will minimize the risk of loss.

In case of removed, or deleted products, it is better to remove the entire page so that customers do not waste time surfing empty pages instead utilizes it for other products. All product images and content should be made original. All details, descriptions, and promises mentioned on the page should be fulfilled like the 7-day return policy, quality of the products, or other content.

Payment and Security:

While working on an e-commerce website it is vital to make it secure for online payments. If the website is not secured, online payment methods are not protected people would not prefer making online transactions. If online transactions are not made then not sales will be encountered. Hence, it all depends on the web security integration that should be kept as the top priority,

Similarly, payment methods differ on all websites. Some offer cash on delivery while others prefer all sorts of card payments. All e-commerce stores online payments should comply with international banking procedures to target more people.


All these tasks require regular SEO analysis. Web management is a complex, technical developer’s stuff while SEO analysis is required to ensure your business goals meet with your marketing plans. This can be done by hiring an in-house SEO expert or outsourcing the project to a digital firm with the best e-commerce SEO services.

In this way, the SEO expert can keep a check on the web analysis to make changes to double online sales. Also, SEO for mobile optimization is required for all e-commerce stores to reach more audiences. 2020 trends highlight the use of voice search to make an instant search. This can be worked out by the SEO expert to find keywords accordingly.

The latest trends and updates require immediate SEO plan changes followed by a content plan changes as suggested by them. If people are becoming more used to voice search, the keywords will trend differently depending on the nature and tone of their search. This along with mobile web optimization is recommended for further results.

Hence, it can be stated that the role of SEO is integrated from the marketing department to the development team while determining business objectives in mind.

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