Distinctive Gift Packaging Ideas


Do you want to surprise your friends or family with a gift card on their special day? Puzzled at what to gift? Then, you do not need to worry. Nowadays, there are so many ways to make your adored one happy. You can give them a gift card and they can purchase things they like. Also, do not forget to make these durable boxes look attractive and memorable. Custom gift card boxes are something that can make even ordinary and simple gifts look special. Similarly, your loved ones will notice the effort you put in during the packaging and presentation of the gift. Moreover, we will talk about some of the ways you can make your card packaging unique and special. Select the best packaging box to complement your card that leaves a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Packaging box shapes and styles

To fit your gift card and to present it in the most suitable way you can choose from various packaging styles to select a customized gift card packaging. Furthermore, let us talk about some of the packaging box styles that you can select for your gift card.

Telescope gift card boxes

Telescope boxes are a simple and traditional style of custom gift card boxes that you can opt for. When you think of this box, the first thing that comes to your mind is a simple square box with a lid and a ribbon on top. Moreover, this simple yet attractive style is known as telescope box packaging. They are two-piece boxes with usually a smaller lid and a much larger bottom in which you place your gift.

Tuck top boxes

Tuck top boxes are one-piece boxes with a closure that tucks on the inside of the box to close it as the name suggests. This tuck top is at the top end of the box and closes at the front. Furthermore, this style is also very common among gift boxes available in the market. It provides a secure and easy-to-use closure with a friction lock property.

Hexagon boxes

Hexagon boxes are boxes that comprise six sides and give a unique and distinctive look to the custom gift card boxes. These gift packaging boxes with their geometrical style give an appearance to your gift that will make it stand out among other packaging styles. Hexagonal boxes are becoming increasingly popular due to their special shape and are available in different shapes to fit your gifts with ease and style.

Heart shape boxes

This beautiful shape will instantly put a smile on the face of your friends and loved ones due to its adorable shape. Heart-shaped boxes are available with a bottom container and a lid in many sizes to fit various types of gifts. Smaller heart boxes can fit an intimate gift like a ring or some other piece of jewelry. Whereas larger boxes may contain a variety of other gift items like chocolates or a collection of personal care items. They are a perfect way to show your love to your partner on a special occasion like valentine’s day.

Window boxes

Custom gift card boxes have a window cut out on the top of the packaging box that usually matches the shape of the box. Window boxes are a great way to showcase your gift items in the most attractive way. This style is suitable if you want your gift items to be visible to the one you present them to. They are also a great way to showcase a range of gift items in retail boxes. There is a seal of transparent plastic to prevent dust from entering the box.

Party favor boxes

These are small boxes that you present to the attendees of your special event like birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, baby showers, and other similar events. They are a great way to say thanks to the people who come to extend their regards to make your day more special. Favor boxes are usually small in size. They can be of any shape and dimension to fit your small gifts like candies or chocolates. Since you need a large number of these boxes for all your guests, it is best to get a wholesale gift. This way you can get discounts and access to special prices by vendors of custom gift card boxes.

Box printing and design

The most important factor in the appearance of your box is its printing, design, and color. The printing and color of this sturdy box define your purpose and makes it more special. Moreover, these packaging companies also offer the option to get the printing of personalized images and prints on the boxes. For instance, you can have an image of you and your friend printed on this packaging box.

Alluring embellishments

To make the look of your personalized gift card box more attractive you can add certain embellishments. These embellishments add to the glamour and beauty of this packaging box to impress your friends. The most basic yet pretty embellishment that you can add to your beautiful box is a ribbon. Furthermore, it is a traditional yet most beautiful style that you can choose for your packaging. Apart from that, you can add glitters, gemstones, stickers, and other little stuff to personalize your boxes.

Add-on Inserts:

If you want to add multiple items to your box or just want to keep your gift safe, you can add inserts to the box. These not just keep your gift safe but also add to the visual appeal. Moreover, the most common type of this box inserts is paper confetti and Styrofoam balls. They can be of single colors or multicolor and they greatly add to the beauty of your gift. Hence, lookout for the best box printer in the market.