Dating Coach for Smart, Successful Women Argues Why You Should Give Online Dating a Chance


You almost have everything that a woman can ask for – professional success and the love of friends and family.

But deep inside you, you know there is a gaping void – love.

And it’s not for want of trying. You’ve tried going out with people set up by friends and relatives. You’ve even tried using dating sites and apps.

But nothing seems to work. Now, you wonder if love is the price you have to pay for your success in other aspects of your love.

Evan Marc Katz, dating coach for smart, successful women, says you shouldn’t give up online dating.

Why smart, strong, successful women should try online dating

Perhaps you’ve tried online dating before, with little to no success.

You’ve taken down your online dating profiles because you didn’t get the response you were expecting. Or if your profile did get noticed, the attention came from poor quality men.

You quit online dating thinking that it’s an incredible waste of time dodging men you’d rather not go out with.

But many dating coaches agree that online dating can prove invaluable to women, especially those who are busy with their careers.

For starters, recent studies indicate that relationships that started online can lead to marriages.

And if you’ve been burned by your past online experiences, that is by no means a good reason why you should quit the platform.

True, there are plenty of horror stories that can drive a woman away from using dating apps and websites. But that doesn’t mean that you stand a better chance offline.

In fact, you might be doing yourself a great disservice by waiting for The One to magically appear to you instead of putting your profile online and going out on dates with the men you match with.

A blueprint for online dating success from Evan Marc Katz

Creating an online dating profile does not guarantee that you’ll meet high-quality men immediately. Most likely, you’ll get notification from the wrong type of men. But you’ll also get responses from great men that can potentially turn into outstanding partners.

To quote the Great One: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Change your mindset

There is no doubt that you’ll get the attention of creeps and losers. Yep, the same people who have ruined online dating for you.

Dating coaches agree that those people are part and parcel of the online dating game. And while there is no guaranteed way to shield yourself from these men, you can cushion the blow.

Start by reframing your thinking process. Sure, you’ll get hit on by losers. But there is also a chance that you’ll find Mr. Right online.

It’s a numbers game. Never mind the people you don’t want to match with and focus your attention on the men you’d like to attract.

Think of online dating as casting a wider net. Or to sum it briefly, you can’t meet quality men if you don’t put yourself out there, if you are too passive in your search for The One.

Learn how to write a good online profile

The key to getting your dating profile noticed, especially by high-quality men, is to take the time to create a good one.

To put it briefly, you should have a unique profile. Otherwise, if you stick to cliches, you risk getting your profile overlooked.

Here are a few helpful tips when you are drafting a great online dating profile.

As much as possible, avoid cliches and your run-off-the-mill adjectives. If you keep using these, they’ll give the impression that you didn’t even make an effort.

Instead, try to catch the attention of men by writing an eye-catching story. And like great stories, yours should contain a few important traits or parts.

First, it should be finite and specific. Second, it should either be funny, memorable, or interesting. Finally, it should have a why: Why should I go out with you?

Try the 2/2/2 rule from Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz

If you are going to give online dating another chance (or even a first try), consider following the 2/2/2 rule created by dating coach Evan Marc Katz.


Here’s how the rule goes:

  • Exchange 2 emails on the dating site you are using.
  • Exchange 2 emails on Gmail.
  • Get on 2 phone calls with a potential date.

Essentially, this rule enables you to slow down the dating process by establishing a rapport and generating excitement.

In turn, this allows you to make your first dates more enjoyable. Plus, the rule is a great way to screen out poor-quality men who don’t want to make an effort.

Smart, strong, successful women deserve the right men

You’ve been burned by your past relationships. But deep in your heart, you feel that all your accomplishments feel incomplete without finding success in love.

And while online dating does not necessarily solve all your love problems, it can prove to be an invaluable tool in finding Mr. Right.

Give online dating another chance and follow the tips outlined above. And soon, you might find yourself in a healthy and meaningful relationship with a high-quality man.