Creative Ways To Thank Your Customers For Purchasing Moon Invoice


The word “thanks” is quite powerful. It has a ringing effect on the ears of a listener. However, words were never powerful enough to carry the weight of actions. That’s why the proverb “actions speak louder than words” became so popular. Also, John F. Kennedy said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” So, if you’re in the customer service industry just like every other business company, then you should do everything within your power to showcase your gratitude to your clients and customers in fun-filled and memorable ways.

The slogan that goes, “thank you for shopping with us,” is something that you often see on plastic shopping bags, cash memos, and several other things. However, as a business owner, you can’t consider it as only a catchphrase. You have to feel the same from the bottom of your heart.

Business owners thank their clients in many ways, but only a few can be as personal as a thank-you note. It would be even better for you if you can back those words with the appropriate action. For instance, the creators of an online invoicing application express their gratitude for the success that it earned through them by offering a discount of 45%[1].

Thank-you notes followed by actions can convert a one-time customer into a long-term customer. According to researchers, around 68%[2] people leave a business relationship simply because they thought that the company never appreciated them. 68% is an extremely huge number, and if you don’t have the right approach, then your company’s name will inevitably enter that list. Fortunately, you can save yourself. The makers of a highly popular free invoice generator explain how business owners should say “thank you” with conviction.

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Identify the person/people

Now, saying “thank you” isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially for business firms. Besides, it will be overwhelming, and even disingenuous for you to personally thank every customer as soon as you receive an order. Doing so would be even more difficult for you when your business grows with time. You won’t be able to manage it. Therefore, you should start by segmenting your clients and customers into groups that you like to prioritize. You can’t send gifts to your clients with every order that you receive. You will run out of your funds faster than you can drink a glass of water. Then again, segmenting high-value clients and sending them handwritten notes with branded gifts will bolster an already positive relationship.

Set a budget

The budget of your gratification program will depend on the number of clients and customers that you want to reach out to. However, there are ways to express your gratitude to your entire client-base without breaking your bank account. Gary Vayenchuk[3] says, “It’s not the money that makes these efforts shocking and awesome, it’s the care and creativity involved.” Even a frugal wow can prove to be effective in establishing that connection.

Make the process repeatable

It doesn’t matter whether the process you follow includes sending a “thank you” with every box or occasional ones to specific clients. You have to build a process that you can repeat. While you don’t have to automate it exclusively, if you can give it a structure, then it will automate itself without you doing anything. There is no need to spend a lot of money to shower authentic moments of delight upon your clients and customers.

Ways to thank your clients

No matter how creative you become with your planning and smart decisions, at the end of the day, you will require a few simple ideas to rely on. The designers of an online invoicing application share their thoughts below.


  • Handwritten notes: Indeed, preparing and sending handwritten “thank you” notes is a tried-and-tested way of expressing your appreciation. It doesn’t even cost more than a dime. When you create a personalized “thank you note,” you can show that a human is controlling everything from behind an automated process. “Thank you” notes are much more effective these days because most business companies don’t consider it effective anymore. In reality, such a note can be much more effective in today’s digitized world. After all, how many handwritten letters do you come across these days? You just have to make sure that you use high-quality stationery. You must also use the name of the customer and personalize it. While saying “thank you,” you mustn’t forget to state why you’re sending it. Finally, you have to be thoughtful regarding the message and sign off the card warmly yet professionally.


  • Use package inserts: Adding a small gift item inside the box of a product ordered by the customer is an excellent way to show your gratitude. Your clients already paid for the product, the shipping charges, and the box. Naturally, you can understand that there is no other more cost-effective option than this one. Packaging inserts have always been about surpassing the expectations of clients. Taking the product out of the box is a wonderful experience in itself. Customers always look forward to this experience. You should be able to imagine their surprise and delight when they put their hands on that freebie.


  • Gifts and samples: Nothing can be more enticing to a customer than receiving a free sample. Therefore, you should toss in a miniature sample or gift inside the packaging box to say “thank you for the purchase.” Free samples have always been an amazing way to delight and surprise your customers. You can also showcase something new to them that they didn’t try yet. If they like it, then you will probably have to add a large-sized instance of the same product the next time you use a free invoice generator for billing purposes.


Post-purchase discounts

You already know how the creators of an invoicing application for smartphones offer post-purchase discounts if you have been reading this topic from the beginning. You too can do the same. Rewarding loyal clients and customers with coupons and discounts is a superb way to keep them returning to you and thanking them for their patronage at the same time. Yes, you have to be careful regarding discounts because clients may have to wait for a specific deal to hit the market. After all, you can’t keep reducing the prices of your products and services all the time. Nevertheless, offering discounts is a proven cost-effective way to strengthen the loyalty that your clients and customers have towards you.