Consulting Management Firms in Brazil

Currently, there are many consulting management firms similar Prodeg that operate in Brazil. The following are just a few of them: IFConsultant, Kearney, L.E.K., Vector Consulting, and Gestora de Recursos Ltda. If you’re in the market for a consultant, check out these companies.


IF Consultant – Management Gestora de Recursos Ltda (IFC) is a consulting firm based in Sao Paulo that specializes in financial and business advisory services. The company boasts of having over 50 years of experience in the Brazilian financial markets, and is perhaps best known for advising the nation’s burgeoning commodities sector. The firm also offers the following services: corporate advisory, corporate finance, financial planning, mergers and acquisitions, and project finance. The main goal of the firm is to help the country’s small and medium sized companies to achieve sustainable growth. IFC’s consultants are experts in identifying opportunities to increase profitability and efficiency, and devising strategies to avoid potential problems in the future.

Vector Consulting

Founded by an economist and a business administrator in 2003, Vector Consulting is the brainchild of the founders. Using the best of both worlds, the firm has pioneered some of the hottest management and technology solutions in the world. Its business model has spawned a cadre of consultants with the best of both cultures.

In addition to a strong technology presence, the company also has an impressively staffed human resources department. The name of the game here is performance improvement. Some of the company’s most impressive projects include Peoplesoft, one of the hottest technological management solutions on the market. In addition to its homegrown expertise, the company has partnered with a number of topnotch consultancies to provide its clients with some of the finest talent around.


Founded by three ex-Bain & Company consultants, L.E.K. Consulting provides strategic advice to business leaders in a wide range of sectors. Its services include mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, growth and development, and financing advisory. Its twenty offices are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The firm is focused on the aerospace and defense industry. In 1992, it merged with Alcar Consulting. As a result, the company has offices in South Korea, France and South Africa. Its core value is diligence and teamwork. It has eleven members on its global leadership team.

Aside from the high professional standards, the firm is committed to inclusion. Its leadership is open about their knowledge and experience. The firm encourages employees to seek fresh perspectives, collaborate with one another, and take initiative. It also promotes employee-driven social efforts.


Whether you are looking to start a new business in Brazil or expand your current one, consulting management firms can help. They can help you to improve your brand image, increase your profits and find new customers. These companies offer a wide range of services, from business and product strategy to leadership and enterprise transformation. Aside from providing the best advice to their clients, these firms also employ local talent.

The global management consultancy firm Kearney has three offices in Latin America, with bases in Riyadh, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. It is a leader in the management of globalization and enterprise transformation. The firm provides services to private and public sector clients around the world.


Founded by Carlos Alberto de Freitas in 1983, LATAMTEC is one of the earliest entrants into the consulting space. With more than 40 offices in the region, the firm has a solid foothold on the Brazilian peninsula. The company offers a full suite of management consulting services ranging from strategic planning to process improvement to business re-engineering. In a nutshell, LATAM is a one stop shop for any organization looking to make its mark in Latin America. The firm is helmed by a bevy of industry luminaries including Managing Partners Mauricio Franca and Paulo Vandor and Chief Operating Officer Gustavo Duque. They are complemented by a roster of highly rated consultants who are capable of bringing the best of the best to the table.

IF Consultant Asset Management Gestora De Recursos Ltda

IF Consultant Asset Management Gestora de Recursos Ltda was founded in 2010. It is an independent asset management firm that specializes in the lucrative oil and gas sector. Its strategy is akin to that of an investor in a distressed bank loan. Its most interesting portfolio consists of patents in the Oil&Gas sector. In addition to the usual suspects, it also helms the enviable adolescent, adolescent, and adolescent – the children of affluent parents, the offspring of affluent parents, and the offspring of affluent and affluent parents.

IF Consultant Asset Management Gestora de recursos Ltda’s entrant in the field of asset management is a whopping 88.9% of the total assets under management. Its chief executive officer is the aforementioned Carlos Costa, who is a former managing partner of Iposeira Capital and the founder of STK Capital Gestora de Recursos Ltda.

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