Computer Engineering: The Basics


Engineering is a varied and challenging field in which to work, and computer engineers are at the forefront of new technologies involving computer science, hardware, and software.

If you are interested in becoming a computer engineer, are wondering how to become one, what the career outcomes are, or would just like to understand a bit more about what they do, here are some of the basics of working as a computer engineer.

What do they do?

In general, engineering is concerned with the science and technology of the design, building, use, and maintenance of machines, structures, and engines. In terms of computer engineering, this means working with many different aspects of computer design, equipment, network design, and integrating software and hardware.

Computer engineers have the same training as electrical engineers and computer science credentials. One type of job you may do as a computer engineer includes designing and implementing computer systems for specific industries or businesses. 

How can you become one?

There are several ways to become a computer engineer. You could complete an associate’s degree, which takes around 2 years, or a bachelor’s, which takes around four years. The majority of employers require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree.

It can help to have an idea of the kind of computer engineering you would like to do, or the industries in which you would like to work. You can also complete general computer engineering degrees or major in certain useful subjects such as mathematics or computer science. 

Further study and higher education can help you progress in your career, develop your knowledge and skills or prepare you for leadership roles within the industry. You can also choose to specialize in an area of computer engineering or work more generally, and you can also become certified.

As the technological landscape is always changing and evolving, computer engineers need to be highly skilled and flexible individuals who can adapt to changes whilst remaining highly knowledgeable in their specific areas. 

What are the career outcomes?

As a computer engineer, you can work in a huge range of environments, choose to work generally or specialize in a certain area. One area you can work in is a consultancy, helping businesses with IT solutions to succeed and thrive.

Other areas in which computer engineers can work include robotics, avionics, industrial automation, and software engineering. Technology is constantly developing and changing, and new career opportunities continue to be created and adapted for computer engineers.

You will have a great understanding of math and science and knowledge about electrical engineering, making you a highly skilled and employable individual. You could work in a variety of settings, such as research laboratories, offices, high-tech manufacturing offices, or labs. You can also work remotely or even start your own computer engineering business. 

Computer engineering is a varied and challenging field to work in and combines technical skills with personal skills to create extremely knowledgeable and employable people. There is a wide range of career outcomes, with new jobs and roles being created as technology advances.