Choosing the Best UX Design Agency: Skills to Seek and Questions to Ask


A design agency for UX/UI in Australia has become necessary for every business planning to go digital or that wants some changes to their software or website. So, if you’re looking for a UX design agency, you must look for specific skills and ask them some questions. 

The Skills to Look For 

The design agencies comprise individuals with a blend of skills who aim to provide value to businesses or clients. So, it becomes challenging for a company that isn’t design-focused to hire a diverse and efficient team. Given that, here are a few essential skills you must look for in a good design agency: 

  • UX or User Experience Design: This is undoubtedly the fundamental capability, and you must look for the agency’s experience with UX design. The best design agencies create sketches, layouts, and concepts of how a website or software works without disrupting the graphics or colours. 
  • User Research: There are plenty of unique methods of user research. And in the kickoff stage, it is more about knowing the users and understanding their needs. Later, the actual design stage becomes more about testing design concepts. 
  • Product Development: This skill is responsible for creating product concepts: where the features should go in the app, what the features can/cannot do, etc. 
  • Visual Design or UI Design: This is mostly about aesthetics, and these are details, including graphics, colours, and the appearance of the wireframes in the end product. Meanwhile, the top design agencies keep UX design completely separate from UI design. 
  • Interaction Design: It is the final competence among digital products, and it is more about ensuring the transitions of visual elements. Today, most apps are turning out to be more and more interactive, thus, making an interactive designer essential for the role. 
  • Design Ops: Like Dev Ops, the Design Ops concerns how the design process works, the cooperation level within the team, how the graphic elements are maintained, etc. So, you won’t interact directly with the design ops as a customer. 
  • Project Management: Obviously, the administrative aspects are handled by the project manager, but it’s essential to know that this role is crucial for the project’s success, mainly if it comes with only 1-2 design sprints. 

Interviewing the Agency

Now, when you are interviewing the design agencies, you should ask them a few questions and clarify certain things, like: 

Does the Agency Understand Your Product? 

All products from every brand have their oddities and place in the market, and the product can cement its position with the help of design. Thus, you must consider mentioning your USPs during the interview with the design agency. 

Does the Agency Understand Your Users?

User research helps designers learn about the user experience. However, the agency must show empathy to understand your design needs fully. Also, having a proper understanding of the user’s needs makes their lives easier. 

Does the Agency Have Any Experience With Similar Projects?

The agency earns an extra point when they have the technical knowledge or industry expertise. So, if the agency has already developed something similar or handled identical modules, it’s a good thing. 

Does the Agency’s Work Ethics Match Yours?

If the collaboration doesn’t work, you won’t get a successful outcome despite hiring the best UX design agency. Hence, customer expectations, transparency, communication, etc., must be compatible. 

So, when choosing a UX/UI design agency in Australia, check these skills and ask the requisite questions to make an informed and better hiring decision.