Can Article Marketing improve SEO and Website Traffic?


    A great article would have many lives as it could be circulating across various platforms and would have the capacity to generate traffic for months or even years to come. However, you should think very well about what it takes to write an article that not only drives organic traffic but expands your reach across different channels. Article marketing consists of various processes such as topic ideation to content writing and to establishing a viral-worthy sharing strategy. 

    Article marketing has a bad reputation and is being abused by some people. Still, it could be a viable marketing tactic when it is done properly. Having great content optimised using relevant keywords on the website could be one of the SEO tactics you could use to attract search engines’ attention. Digital White labels is SEO agency that could help you out by providing various SEO tactics you could use to gain higher rankings on search engine results pages. Digital White offers services like website designing and development, link building, social media marketing services and so on. 

    Article Marketing

    It is an area of content marketing that would involve writing and distributing articles across various outlets. The articles are usually designed to promote the author’s business or website with the help of backlinks created, visibility gained and the authority built.

    How can it Help SEO?

    Article marketing involves creating informative and valuable content to be read by the users online. When users search for a given topic within the search engine, they are taken to the top-ranking web pages and blog posts related to that particular topic. This would mean that websites could publish their article content, optimise it for search engines and rank high for various topics. Optimise the website in the right way and you could drive dozens to thousands of users to the website with the articles.   

    SEO Benefits of Article Marketing 

    Article marketing offers various benefits when it comes to SEO. It includes increasing the authority and trustworthiness of your website, enabling the website to rank for a wider range of keywords, attract more organic traffic from search engines, converting the users into subscribers or customers, providing opportunities to rank in image or video search, directing authority to other pages on your website via internal links and attracting valuable backlinks to your website from other websites and blogs. Article marketing cannot be merely a strategy for SEO. It could also empower you to generate traffic with the help of a wide range of social direct or referral channels. You could drive in traffic from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, other blogs, paid campaigns and email campaigns.

     Multi-channel Article Marketing and its Benefits 

    Taking a multi-channel approach to your article marketing is the smartest way to get the most value for your money. If you are going to put time into creating content, you could use it to attract visitors from a variety of platforms.  

    Here are certain benefits of article marketing you could find on other platforms.

    • Increase in user engagement and interaction on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
    • Generating organic tract your website and referral traffic from various sources.
    • Re-share the articles to third party websites.
    • Gain multiple opportunities to convert visitors into subscribers or paying customers.

    Writing, publishing and sharing great article content 

    Article marketing becomes easy when you establish a strong process that would fit your business and the users you might be trying to reach. The process might look a bit different from website to website but the general steps are as follows:

    • Choosing the topic

    You can brainstorm a list of broad topics that would be of interest to your audience. If you are a blogger, a marketer, a business owner or something in between, you are likely to be sitting on a treasure trove of topics if you just give yourself the chance to think. Try to be exhaustive when it comes to thinking about topics that are related to your business and the people you might be hoping to reach.

    • Conduct keyword research

    You could come up with interesting topics but mapping them to searchable keywords could be even better. There is no use in writing an article if no one is looking for the topic you are writing about. Keyword research tools allow you to look up a range of broad topics and see the number of people that are searching for that word every month. Search volume is a good indication of whether it is worthwhile to write the article for SEO. Another factor you could consider is the competition level. You may find a high volume keyword but it could be too competitive for your small website. When such a situation arises, it is best to aim for a less competitive topic and go after more competitor keywords over time.

    • Draft the article

    Writing the article might be the best or most complicated part depending on the writing experience someone has. One option here would be to hire an SEO content writer to make sure that the content is optimised and informative. You could also write the content by yourself. If you opted to go through the DIY route, you could make use of the inverted pyramid method of SEO copywriting. It has an easy to follow structure for writing an article from beginning to the end. This method would help you lead with value and write the content that the users would enjoy reading.

    • Optimise the content

    You have to optimise your content based on on-page SEO best practices. This involves including a descriptive meta description, writing a click-worthy and keyword optimised title tag, adding an interesting H1 headline, writing valuable body content, including concise H2 and H3 headings, adding external and internal links and using an optimised URL structure. Checking all of the boxes in terms of on-page SEO would help in setting your article up for success making it an easier process to rank higher in the search results and drive in more traffic from search engines.

    • Add Media

    Once you have the majority of the article content, it’s time to get creative. You could add media to engage yourself, improve the chances of ranking high in image or video searches or add value to your article. Some media types you could add to your article include: 

    •       Original photography
    •       Pre-recorded videos
    •       Gifs
    •       Stock images
    •       Graphic designs
    •       PDFs
    •       Surveys
    •       Infographics
    •       Digital tools
    • Establish a sharing strategy

    Before you click on publish, think about the channels you could share your article with, to maximize your reach. Many CMS platforms should make it easy by including social share icons when you publish an article. You could also make use of third party tools that would allow you to share your article on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media pages. Whether you take the automatic or the manual route, make sure to share your article and why to reach as many users as possible.

    • Include linkable assets

    Backlinks direct authority to your website which causes search engines to trust your website as a reputable source of information. Adding linkable assets to your article would help in attracting links back to your website. Some linkable assets may include infographics, videos, free tools, resource guides, images and more.