Build Your Brand with YouTube: New Ways to Drive Reach and Engage Your Audience at Scale


There could not have been a better time for you to make your own videos. The pandemic has allowed people to look for more and more content to consume while staying at home. The shift to the small internet screen from hearing devastating 2020 news on television has been drastic.

This situation has allowed a number of possibilities for people to be creative and make their work known online. Since we cannot move out, we need to take our work to the people. The safest and fastest way to do that is through social media. However, through YouTube, you will be able to show them how your brand is relevant in their life.

You will have to show them how they benefit from the products and/ or services that you provide. With this shift in market and consumption, you also will have to shift gears a little. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to incur more costs on yourself. Just shift strategies a bit. 

  • Create Your Own Channel: You should ideally create a YouTube channel for yourself and mould the channel in a way that would support and prompt your brand. Through this, you would not have to depend too much on other video creators to promote your brand. Your videos can show how your consumers can use or product and benefit from it. These should be creative, fresh and fun. Most importantly, it cannot seem like a 10-minute sales pitch only. 
  • Make Your Brand Visible: You should link all your products used in the video in the description box. This will make the purchase for your audience a lot easier. Link all the social media of your brand there as well.  
  • PR Kits: Since there are many YouTubers who are a public face. You can send over a PR package to them. They will share the pictures and videos of your product on their social media accounts. This will quickly make you visible. More importantly, people may just go ahead and click on your links because they want something that their stars have too. “Normal” marketing strategies cannot take place right now. This is where you can make people see your brand.  
  • Start an Online Campaign: Another way to create buzz about your brand is by creating a social media campaign around it. You can make people do an easy but fun activity using your product. This will create curiosity around your brand. Even if it does not become the most viral trend of the year or month. You are still reaching many people and making sure they know your brand. 
  • Collaborate with Other Content Creators: This does not necessarily mean that they will promote your product. This implies that they can create a video about the product and review it. People will see the benefits and purposes of your products themselves and would want to try it out for themselves too. 
  • Generate Curiosity: Essentially, you have to make people curious about your work. You can even sponsor a portion of their videos and make your name visible. However, it is important that you contact YouTubers whose work is related to your brand. This is simply because they would not be interested in this otherwise. More importantly, their subscribers may not be interested in the video because it is so much off-branding.
  • Purchase YouTube Subscribers: More the views you have, more curiosity will you actually generate. If there are not enough views on your videos, people may not actually be interested in your brand. However, you can purchase YouTube subs in order to give yourself this boost.
  • Video Content is Your Primary Concern: Nobody is going to YouTube with the aim of buying anything. They just want to watch something entertaining for some time. It is only when the video engages them enough will they be interested in buying the product. YouTubers reviewing your product may be a very direct way of ensuring that. However, the videos on your own channel have to be focused on entertaining people more than selling the product. 

These are some of the ways in which you can reach your targeted audience in the time of a pandemic. These changes are here for quite some time and content has readily been made available to viewers. This is why it is important for you to jump on this bandwagon as well. The more you are present and visible, the more people would like the product and be curious enough to try them out.