How to Build a Holistic Marketing Strategy


The idea that marketing should be mainstreamed in everything that the business does is not a new concept. It is, however, one that has often been misunderstood and, as such worth providing some clarity for those out there that are in the process of designing or strategizing as to their business marketing plans.

It may seem strange to suggest that each business sector within the company has to have marketing as one of its responsibilities. Why have a marketing department or consultant? The answer is that only if everyone in the business thinks marketing can you produce an overarching holistic marketing process. The marketing department is merely the mouthpiece of what should be the reality both within the firm as well as about the product and its capabilities and quality. There are two aspects of the holistic marketing strategy that are key to its understanding and correct implementation: the means and the message.

The Means

The manner in which the message is spread and shared must be holistic in that it must be accessible across all platforms, modes, and devices. From smart mobile technology to pcs, laptops, and other handheld connected devices, the message must be readable and easily accessible. This decision is most likely to be determined by the technology and communication devices used by your customers, and as such, this must be the starting point. Knowing about your client’s or customers’ communication habits and means of communication will be the first of many essential bits of marketing information that any holistic strategy must be premised upon. An example is the election campaign text message donations requests that will yield absolutely nothing unless the recipients are in the demographic that is comfortable with click here to donate and online/text usage and payments.

The Message


One of the key aspects of a holistic marketing process is to ensure that everyone in the business provides the same message to customers and clients.

Belief in the brand

The only way that your business can provide after-sales service and customer service with confidence is if you and your team believe in the product or service. There is nothing worse than a service advisor or member of staff who doesn’t have the required belief in your company brand or even understanding of the product.

Unified yet the specific message

Today’s access to big data and customer information means that although the overall message must be unified, just as all of Coca Cola’s ads are about happiness, happiness will mean different things to different people, and as such, the information that you have on customers and clients must allow you to create unified yet segment-specific messages. The aim being to appeal to all demographics for the same thing.

Holistic marketing as a term has been widely used, and as is the case with buzzwords, the meaning has been diluted and misunderstood. This article has explained some of the key ideas and provided some clear guidance as to how your business can realize this ideal and make it work.

In conclusion, there is no denying that good agencies are incredibly valuable for businesses. They serve an important role as a bridge between company and consumer, ultimately paving the way to success. A good agency will take into account both the business’s goals, while simultaneously striving to meet consumer needs.

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