Brand Active as a Shopify Plus Agency

Brand Active is an eCommerce agency that provides innovative and effective solutions to businesses seeking to improve their online presence. Since its inception, it has grown into a renowned company, serving clients from various industries and regions.

Communication with partners

One of the agency’s strengths is its focus on collaboration and communication with clients. Brand Active works closely with its partners to understand their goals, challenges, and target audience, ensuring that every campaign aligns with their overall business objectives. This collaborative approach has resulted in numerous successful campaigns that have generated substantial returns on investment for the clients.

eCommerce as a Shopify partner

The agency’s success can be attributed to its collaboration with the Shopify platform. As a Shopify agency, Brand Active implements and develops solutions that allow its clients to use a wide range of innovative tools and features. The agency works with Shopify experts that provide invaluable insights and use the very best technology to improve conversion rate in a given online store. Web designers, web developers and technology partners as well as service partners help with implementing a brand new store that allow brands and retailers to thrive and increase the sales.

Build a Shopify store with a Shopify agency

Shopify Plus is a premium version of the popular Shopify platform, which provides an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to scale their online operations. Shopify Plus offers advanced new features and customization options that make it a popular choice among high-volume merchants. For example, Shopify plus gives businesses the ability to sell in multiple currencies and languages. This means that businesses can sell to customers worldwide without any issues. Additionally, it provides a wide range of website integrations with popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping.

Shopify marketing services for Shopify app store

Brand Active’s Shopify marketing services are designed to provide clients with valuable, informative, and engaging content that drives traffic and provides conversion rate optimisation. The agency’s team uses a data-driven approach, conducting thorough keyword research and analyzing competitors’ strategies to develop an effective content marketing strategy and tie it to Shopify ecosystem. The agency also provides ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure that content marketing campaigns are delivering desired results.

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