Blog vs Website


Sometimes people ask what is a blog, and how it is different from a website. Bloggers and developers look for a web hosting like windows and Linux web hosting.

If you are thinking about starting a website or writing a blog then firstly you must know what are these terms.

Today in this article we will discuss the blog and how a blog is different from a website.

What is a blog?

A blog is an informational page on a web blog it is a type of website where the content of the article is shown in reverse chronological order (new article or content appear at the top).

The blog can run by an individual or some small group of people where they post an article related to any topic. And in this, they gave an option of commenting where people can comment and share their thoughts with others.

If the blog is about any product then in a comment the people can share their experience with that product.

The blog is the best option for those types of people who love to publish something, for example: – authors, poets, and some who gave product reviews.

Few people write blogs as a hobby and few people write blogs to make money.

Few examples of the blog are – Travel, Photography, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs, etc.

History of the blog

The blogs started in 1994, initially, people use this by the name online diary. In which people use to write their day to day activities, poems, stories, and allow the readers to comment on them.

After this online diary the name given to this was ‘weblog’, and now we know it by the name ‘BLOG’.

What is a website

A website is a collection of web pages where you get the related information or we can say it is a collection of data.

 A website can be one page or a hundred pages. The limitation of websites is from one to infinite.

A website is a page where any company or any organization connects to the internet to give you the information you need through the world wide web.

A blog can be a part of the website because when we have to search for a blog we have to go for a website that takes us to that related blog.

Few examples of the website are:- Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.

There are two types of website

  1. Static website: – Static websites are those sites that have limited pages or we can say these sites rarely do any changes in their data and they have a fixed layout. the static website is created through HTML coding and CSS. The building of a static website is also easy to compare to a dynamic website.
  2. Dynamic website: – Dynamic websites are informational pages, and these websites are more functional. only HTML code will doesn’t work here. It needs both side codings client-side and server-side.

History of Website

The WWW(world wide web) was created in 1990 and it was free to use. Before the introduction of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) or other protocols

Files like FTP(File Transfer Protocol) were used to download the files from a server.

Blog vs website

A Blog is a content on something either it is a product review or it is about some company or there is some story written by an author.

There is a comment section below every blog where you can comment and chat with other people who are also commenting.

Blogs have their category, sub-category, published date, and author name.

As we said that website is a collection of pages so somewhere blogs are included in it because we go through a site to read a blog.

Website is used by the big organization or big companies to give detailed information about their company or organization.

The blog is like a short article that gives you a brief knowledge about that thing.

Best Platforms to Start a Blog or Website

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IT depends on your need what do you want. You want to be a blogger or you want a website.

If you are more concerned to write and want to make those content visible to people then you should go to the blogs.

But if you want more possibilities then you should go to a website.

After this much discussion, I think you are very clear about the blog and website.