Best PC Parts for Constructing a Gaming System by PCbuilder


    You want to experience the top games but are “constrained” in the limited configuration of a PC, build yourself a PC powerful enough to satisfy your gaming passion. However, to be able to build your pc, it is necessary to meet many requirements in terms of financial conditions as well as compatibility between components.

    In this article, will guide you in detail on how to assemble a high-performance PC set at the most optimal cost, helping you have a great experience, freely conquering today’s top cult games.


    Central Processing Unit (CPU):-

    First let’s start with the brain of the computer – the CPU. You have heard a lot about clock speed, numbers of cores, threads, megahertz or gigahertz, all of these parameters are related to CPU. A higher clock speed allows the processor to perform more calculations in a given amount of time. Most CPUs today have multiple cores and threads. Having more cores means multi tasking, aka Mega tasking, allowing you to game + stream + record all at the same time.



    If the CPU is considered the brain, the motherboard can be compared to the nervous system. When the CPU processes the program, provides input data, the motherboard will be responsible for connecting and transmitting this information all other important components in the PC including the graphics card, memory, drive hard drive, optical drive… to ensure the CPU’s task is completed.

    Note: The selection of the central processor and motherboard should be done in parallel, as there are compatibility requirements between these two pieces of hardware.

    You can use the Intel Desktop Compatibility Tool to check the compatibility of your motherboard with computers that use Intel chips.


    Graphics Card:-

    There are two types of graphics cards being used on computers including red cards integrated (onboard) and discrete VGA card. Integrated graphics cards have improved over the years like Intel Iris Plus. Intel recently partnered with AMD Radeon™ to develop 8th Generation Intel Core™ i5/i7 processors with integrated Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics. This integrated solution helps provide better graphics performance when performing heavy tasks such as:

    • Watch movies in HD / 4K Format
    • Edit photos/videos
    • Experience today’s popular games with high frame rates

    Meanwhile, “discrete graphics card” (graphics card manufactured by Nvidia or AMD) is an important component that any gamer must equip if he wants to experience top-notch games.

    Discrete graphics cards include an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU), which processes video signals, performing complex calculations to convert binary data into graphics displayed on the screen without you see in the game.


    RAM Memory:-

    RAM, also known as random access memory, is responsible for helping you access software and PC games quickly, supporting multi-tasking at the same time without delay. Therefore, you need to make sure your system has enough RAM to be able to access any software. If you have a limited budget, a great addition to any system with a hard drive is Intel Optane™ memory.