Best Sites For Watching Online Movies in 2020


How many of you prefer to watch movies and series in your free time? I think all of you like to watch movies and series to get rid of boredom. Once we’ve started binge-watching our favourite series, we can’t stop it until we finish the entire season.

The problem occurs when we start streaming our favourite series and the platform demands subscription fee to provide access to the entire season.

Now, what would you do? Well, there are a lot of websites that provide free access to premium entertainment content.

The internet is full of unauthorized websites that provide free movie streaming services to its users.

You might be excited to know the names of these websites. Without wasting your time, I’ll proceed further to help you know the names of these free online movie streaming websites

Best free online movie streaming sites

  1. UWatchFree

Watch Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali movies online for free at UWatchFree. There is an extensive collection of movies and series categorized in various genres like Romance, horror, thriller, action, comedy, sci-fi, anime, biography, etc. You can watch newly released movies in HD on UWatchFree.

The platform updates the URL frequently so even if the government has banned the URL, it manages to operate from different domain extension so users can watch the movies without any hassle.

A variety of online mirror sites are accessible to help visitors watch movies and series. The easy User-interface makes this website the most loved free movie streaming platform. 

  1. RDXHD

If you love to watch HD movies without any interruption, then RDXHD is the right platform for you. This platform has a huge collection of TV shows, series and movies.

Its user-friendly interface and responsive website design make it the most loved website on the internet.

It has multiple proxy sites, so you can access anyone by changing the domain extension. You can watch movies in any language from RDXHD.

There is not only a collection of the latest movies but also slightly old movies are available on this site, which means that from 2017 to the present day they have a huge selection of movies.

You will have to watch some irritating pop-up ads while watching movies and series on this platform. Such ads are a source of income for RDXHD. You can also download movies and series from RDXHD to watch later. 

  1. BabaHD

Get access to tons of movies and TV shows on BabaHD, which is one of the most famous free movie streaming platforms on the internet. It has a smoothly working user-interface that makes movie streaming hassle-free for the users.

Movies and series are available in great streaming qualities including 1080p and 720p on BabaHD. There are a lot of websites that provide free movies and series, but the picture quality is very low.

It ruins the overall experience of watching movies. The real fun of watching movies is in HD resolution. The platform is fast and easy to operate.

Movies and series are categorized according to their genres on BabaHD. You can watch romantic, horror, thriller, action, comedy, sci-fi and animated movies on BabaHD. It features the premium quality content and provides it free to its users. 

  1. ShowBox

ShowBox is an android program for new movies and TV shows. ShowBox transfers every single new film with their trailers, and staff, just as other data.

Its wise proposal motor highlights comparable motion pictures and network shows that you like. ShowBox is a typical stage that lets you observe free games, diversion, TV shows, films and kid’s shows anyplace Showbox.

The client has unhindered access to all highlights of the ShowBox content. It doesn’t have a concealed instalment choice. This application offers the likelihood to download and watch your preferred shows regardless of whether you don’t have web get to.


Streaming these sites is the common method for getting free entertainment content. You must watch your favourite old & new movies and series on UWatchfree, RDXHD and BabaHD.

These websites are illegal, so follow all the protective measures while accessing their content. We are strictly against piracy, so if you can then always prefer to watch movies and series via legal alternatives.