Best age to send your toddler to preschool


Once your kids pass age 3, you may be wondering if they are ready to send to a preschool. Many at that age would do well in preschool but most of them need a bit more time to collect the skills. Determining whether or not your kid is ready for preschool is a big decision, but there are some major indicators which could help you to decide. Ages 3 to 5 are a considerable preschool age. If your toddler was emotionally, physically, and socially ready for the classroom. Every preschool in Gurgaon takes an appropriate age to be around 2 to 3 years old, but this isn’t a magic number for every child.

Ask some questions that may help to determine whether your child is ready to take his first step.

How old is your child?

Parents of toddlers who have birthdays late (which is after September) may try to delay starting preschool for a year or enroll them in any preschool program for some extra year until they are eligible or ready to move to kindergarten in their school district.

Is your kid potty trained?

Many preschools need that their students must be potty trained but leen’s nestling in Gurgaon never forces parents for any such things. Your child needs to be aware of the washroom, they may pull up or pull off their pants as well as wash their hands.

Is your kid ready for preschool?

Commuting to school may translate to spending a couple of hours away from parents. Some basic self-care is required on your kid’s part as you would not be there to help the kid with their usual routine, such as washing hands, expressing their feelings, sleeping alone, and drinking water.

You would help to check whether your toddler is ready for the first day of school on every front discussed. Commuting to preschool would mean interacting with every kid as well. Some of the basic points which may help are,

  •         Comfortable with other people: toddlers at their age, never feel comfortable in the absence of their parents, partially because they had always been there with them. For example, if you have a babysitter that looks after your kid then it would likely not be a problem for your child to fit in school for a few hours in your absence.
  •         Basic self-reliant skills: some little self-reliance is expected from your child as they start attending preschool.
  •         Group activities: preschool has many group activities, wherein every child is required to participate together. Interaction with the child will, of course, be a good thing to learn new things. However, some group activities may be a little difficult for kids under 3 years of age that are mostly in high adventure and spirits.
  •         Keep a standard schedule: children tend to be comfortable with a routine and that is why usually, preschools have standardized timetables: playtime, snack time, playground and finally lunch.
  •         Physical stamina of a child: a play school is an active place, involved in activities such as painting and art, a playground to enjoy, etc., which means moving around a lot actively. If they are still not at that level yet or do not like to move from one thing to another.

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