Bahria Town Karachi 2 Commercial Plots: Detailed Overview



Mr Malik Riaz Hussain owns Bahria Town Private Limited, which developed the fantastic Bahria Town Karachi 2 (BTK 2). This piece of art has authorized its stamp of approval by the y (SBCA). The BTK 2 is on the Main Highway in Karachi, namely on the Karachi–Hyderabad M9 Expressway.

The residential cooperative is a paragon of luxury. The developer aims to raise people’s living standards by providing them with cutting-edge facilities. More happiness, incredible adventures, and a better life than you’ve ever known await you in Bahria Town Karachi 2. It is worth noting that 40% of the scheme’s construction is also complete before launch. The rest of the development and testing is moving along at a breakneck speed.

The housing venture has already generated excitement in the industry even though it has officially launched. As a result, this is a fantastic residential and business opportunity to make money. This home development is ideal for those who value tranquilly and affordability yet still want access to various employment and retail options.

Authorized Society

The NOC for Bahria Town Karachi 2 has received its permit from (SBCA) &  (SDA). In reality, the legitimacy and NOC authorization of the housing scheme is the first thing that comes to mind for buyers

Perfect Location

BKT2 has an excellent location right off the Main Super Highway in Karachi, also the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Expressway.

Incredible Masterplan

The scheme master plan offers an exceptional group of architects, engineers, and urban planners. Moreover, the owners have purchased a sizable plot for future construction. As a result, Bahria Town Karachi 2 plot for sale will be available soon for buyers. The group of apartment buildings divides up into neighbourhoods. The planners have mapped out an area of around 4,756 acres with a finished design in mind.

Affordable Payment Plan

Their BKT2 allows them to create the best possible living conditions. Investors can design their ideal lifestyles with the help of the scheme’s monthly payment, which is available to the public immediately. As a result, the BTK 2 team is working to ensure that backers can access flexible financing options that allow them to make long-term investments. The proprietors of Bahria town Karachi 2 plot for sale will release shortly. So the BTK 2 commercial plot payment schedule is presented here.

Commercial property

BTK2 offers different sizes of commercial properties, 150 & 250 sq. yards

Plot size: 150 sq. yards

  • Total price & down payment price:  PKR 19,999,000, PKR 2,199,000
  • Offering four-year or quarterly installments:  PKR 1,112,500

Plot size: 250 sq. yards

  • Total price & down payment price:  PKR 34,999,000, PKR 2,999,000
  • Offering four-year or quarterly installments:  PKR 2,000,000

Commercial Property Investment Benefits 

Following are the benefits of the Investment in commercial properties.

Business Possibilities

Commercial spaces will be included in the housing community, increasing the likelihood that future buyers will assist various enterprises in flourishing. In addition, the distinctive standard framework will help them expand their fruitful business. Most significantly, the land is reasonably priced, and early bird discounts will enable investors to begin the perfect business setup with minimal capital outlay. Furthermore, the developer behind this neighborhood’s plans is committed to incorporating environmentally responsible practices into every facet of the community. Also, to succeed, a company needs to be seen as legitimate. As a result, the Investment immediately transforms the housing complex into a viable and long-term economic potential.

Financial security

Indeed, the real estate industry is the industry that really can keep that amount invested high and not degrade if a person has some spare money or someone owns some property and wishes to maintain the worth of that property high.

Income Reliable

Investment in the property doesn’t take long to start bringing in a steady stream of cash flow. There are many ways to profit from real estate, such as purchasing land, improving it, reselling it, or renting it out regularly. More than that, rent is usually increased annually by a small percentage. Thus the situation is improving steadily.

Passive Income

Real estate investing can lead to passive income streams like rent collection. Investors purchase already-built structures or undeveloped land to turn it into a rental property and collect income from tenants year-round.

Non-depreciable Investment

When done correctly, investing in real estate is a type of company whose value is guaranteed to rise over time. The yearly value of the real estate is guaranteed to increase. The property’s value could skyrocket as significant private or public construction projects are nearby.


Once an acquisition is confirmed, it is not like a sentient creature that needs daily care. You will be required to visit the land periodically to guarantee that it doesn’t become the possession of trespassers.

Development Status

The residential community is expanding rapidly, and future residents will soon enjoy excellent living conditions. Thus, the grey construction will be accessible and visible at the location. The finest element is buyers can visit the site to inspect the overall development.

Most essential, everybody can access the main street so investors can observe the progress firsthand. Experts and heavy gear are sent to the worksite to launch the project. They aim to adhere to international project specifications to complete the housing project as an environmental development. Keep in touch with us to learn more about the project requirements.


The housing development is remarkable. Mr Malik Riaz Hussain’s new house development, BTK2, will be a huge success in Pakistan’s real estate market. The community is in a fantastic central location. It seems that capital will flow to areas that promise growth and a return on Investment. The time has come for investors to get in on this property society’s massive rewards (ROI). To reserve your properties, please get in touch with Lead Marketing. Potential backers might also check out some of our other exciting initiatives.