Avoid Mistakes While Optimizing Instagram SEO


Everyone knows that search engine optimization is a very powerful tool to enhance your website traffic. Similarly, your Instagram account also needs your attention and seeks a slot atop the search results.

Putting first things first, SEO is applicable to all social media platforms as well. You can use to promote your account, gain new followers, bolsters engagement rate, and amplify sales. You can always buy 50 likes Instagram, but you need a proper strategy to sustain the new following.

Instagram is just ideal for optimization since it works akin to a small search engine. SEO can work well here. Although SEO for IG pages/profiles may seem quite easy and cheesy, many business owners and marketers make various mistakes while optimizing their profile.

Keep in mind that your Insta page isn’t cohesive. A very neglected rule of IG management is to create and curate a cohesive feed. Your posts need to be logical and rational in terms of hashtags, captions, timings, and visual concept.

Underscoring the mistakes

You mustn’t use irrelevant hashtags as they operate as a search query. Just one hashtag click can fetch all the posts from the same tag. Before adding a hashtag, you need to ensure you post relevant posts for the tag.

  • Don’t place random things. Use trendy tags and those that folks are looking for. You’ll find that professional ad and digital marketing firms always focus on a custom brand’s hashtag.
  • Custom tags help in building credibility for your brand across your customer base. It guarantees a good SERP rank, which generates more traffic, resulting in more leads and obviously more revenue.
  • You mustn’t set your account to private. Although an unintentional mistake in most cases, it’s too frequent. A private account makes none is able to see your posts, which means no view, share, or like.
  • Posting random stuff is what you must avoid at any cost. You might be the only IG handler or your brand. You may revel in sharing photos of your food, pet, or places you visit.
  • You need to bear in mind that it’s your casual or frivolous personal profile. A business profile necessitates more consistency and relevancy in the content. Occasional sharing of other images is fine, but don’t make it a habit and don’t cross the line. Post stuff that only highlights your business.

The other mistakes

A vague or obscure Insta username can be ruinous for your SEO efforts. Regardless of the platform you’re using to market your B2B brand, it’s an imperative to create a username that envisages a clear brand identity.

  • For instance, if you own a supplement/nutrition brand, but have a username that suggests something else or has no links to the wellness industry, then your potential or prospective followers may find it difficult to get in touch with you.
  • Don’t miss out on alt text. Alt-text is a crucial feature for IG optimization. B2B marketers can leverage this awesome feature.

Your bio mustn’t have any missing keywords. For IG optimization, add particular or specific keywords in your Insta bio. It works as a formidable SEO strategy.