Steps To Attract Customer To Your Online Business In Nigeria


Do you have an online business? Are you thinking of starting one soon? Getting the right customer might be a big task for a business owner even after spending so much to start your business. I

t is one thing to start a business and it is another thing to get the business up and running, here is a list of ways to get your business notice online by buyers.

1. Create a single domain name and social identity

Do not use multiple business names, this could bring about confusion among potential customers or clients. Use a single domain name and use the domain name on all your social media platforms.

Also, use a business name as the prominent keyword in all descriptions for your online name.

2. Perfect what your business or service is about on all social media platforms

You need to perfectly place the description of your business on all social media platforms. A detailed write-up of what your business is about going a long way to help people notice your business on all social media platforms.

3. Get active on social media

This next action to take after claiming your name on every social media network is to get active on all the social media platforms.

Figure out the social media networks your customers use the most and make those sites your starting points. You can try social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and more corporate networks like Linkedin. For retailers, networks like Pinterest, foursquare, Yelp and TripAdvisor is important.

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4. Post relevant contents on your niche

Consistently post relevant contents that are related to your niche. This will give you a trusted authority, status among your customers.

5. Identify your ideal clients

It is always easier to find your customers if you have identified the type of customers that you want for your business.

6. Perfectly understand and carve an idea of the kind of people you want as your customers

Most importantly, think about how to make these sets of people happy and have it in mind that the only way you can make them want to deal or have a relationship with you is by solving their problem in a very easy way.

Create a graph by narrowing down the focus of your ideal client and avoid making elaborate market targets. That is, be very specific with your client base. You can focus on probably a city or town for a start.

7. Understand the nitty, gritty of your business

Having a thorough understanding of your business and industry gives you an edge over your customers. When people see you understand your business and industry entirely, people will be interested in patronizing your product or service because they believe they have a lot to gain from you.

8. Have a solution to every problem within the niche of your service or product

One of the factors that bring more clients and customers in the Nigeria market is the idea that a particular product or service provider has the answer to any problem within its niche. When you seem to have every solution to a problem in Nigeria, most people with such a problem would prefer to come to you either for consultation or advice which in turn leads to buying your product or services.

9. Use customer reviews and testimonies to get more clients

Customer reviews and testimonies are one of the essential yet neglected ways of getting more clients or buyers of your service in Nigeria. Take, for instance, Linkbuilding service in Nigeria or Digital marketing service in Abuja, potential clients are more interested in customers testimonials or reviews of the company services before committing themselves to the business.

Build a profitable partnership

Creating a partnership with businesses that offer similar services or sell a similar product is a great way to reach more customers or get more clients. For instance, if you have a company that specializes in website design, consider teaming up with a business that offers web hosting.

Maintaining and nurturing relationships with other business owners and clients helps you to create a genuine and positive client base.


The above are just some of the things you need to do, to get your business noticed online. Depending on your sector, there may be additional steps you can take to ensure your business enjoys a massive online success.