An Importance Of Online Criminal Record Check


Your organization marches ahead confidently in a competitive landscape by drawing on the productive strength of employees. If prospects with a notorious past getting involved in criminal activities get hired inadvertently, the corporate ambiance stands at risk of getting vitiated.

Further, you run the risk of falling prey to competitors’ malicious motives if sensitive and classified information gets leaked. The answer to all of this is to have the shortlisted candidates subject to online criminal record check beforehand. Nationalpardon offers you immunity from the deliberate compromising of your organization’s values with its cutting-edge background check solutions.

Online Criminal Record Check: Authentic Scrutiny of Credentials

Canadian criminal record information is meticulously maintained on online servers. The records are comprehensive and carry information about citizens of all states. Accessing the information, endorsed for accuracy by the government, can offer you fast and reliable insights into the character of prospects.

How does Online Record Verification work?

We get down testifying the past track record of the candidate. For online scrutiny, we have two alternatives available to us.

The Criminal Name Index searching feature offered by the Canadian Police Information Centre is a great tool for tracking individuals with dubious backgrounds. This feature for a criminal record check in Toronto and other states can prove vital for getting insights into the criminal history of individuals.

Alternately, you can provide us with the fingerprints of the applicants. The same would be submitted to the ‘Real Time Identification’ system for fetching certified criminal record products. The attributes are stored at National Repository maintained by ‘The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.’

Which Method is Faster?

The name-indexed search method is undoubtedly the fastest and most accurate criminal record verification method. Almost 90% of all credential checks across Canada are conducted through this method.

Believes that this method spells several benefits for your organization.

– You get to learn about candidate’s criminal track record relatively faster.
– The method is hassle-free and does not carry any overhead.
– Checks can be conducted with a low-cost outlay.
– The results obtained can be relied upon.

Are Free Criminal Background Checks Reliable?

You would come across many sites that offer complimentary criminal checks for shortlisted candidates. These sites only provide you with some basic information that is potentially vague in nature. You might receive details of probable places where you can seek background information on the applicants. Eventually, you might land on sites that would require you to pay a premium for disclosing credentials.

Saves your time, money, and efforts by providing you with customized and comprehensive information about the criminal records of candidates. Each piece of information is backed up by sufficient evidence which serves as a testimony of the involvement of the candidate in scenes of crime. We also engage private investigators to unearth the past of candidates if reliable online information is not readily available.

Online Records are Updated In Real-Time

The name-based indexed data is highly effective from the perspective of establishing the criminal intent of a candidate. The records are sought from the site of Canadian Police which keeps it updated in real-time to ensure optimum operational efficiency. The authenticity of information is arguable since the same is used for executing arrest warrants, obtaining search warrants, pursuing leads during the investigation, and making decisions. Our online queries always yield correct background information as name-based criminal history search occurs in excess of 80 million times every year.

This implies that you can rely on our data about criminal record checks in Toronto and other states about prospective candidates.

Never sacrifice reliability in favor of swiftness. Speaking so, we exercise proper leverage to derive facts that certify the integrity of the civil background of candidates. You can rest assured that your criminal record check responsibility is shouldered by an agency that has an excellent track record of completing scores of reliable background checks.