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To access free entertainment, we visit many streaming websites like Torlock Movies and social networking sites like Facebook but did you know, you can safely operate your social networking sites with a platform? How? Here are the details.

Yovo is the first interactive social network in the world and the source of all your entertainment needs. Totality Corp in India produced this app. It is a new app from Content Guard that combines photo privacy with social network sharing. The software joins the likes of Snapchat and Wickr in terms of private messaging, but it also allows users to selectively post on social networking sites and prohibits screenshots. It requires iOS 7.0 or later for compatibility. The iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus are all supported by this software.

The notion of another program informing you of a possible screenshot taken by the receiver is fantastic, but the app does not prevent a user from doing so. You’ll be aware that someone has your personal information, but you won’t be able to stop them. Yovo’s creators have come up with a brilliant solution to this problem. The program does not prevent a user from capturing a screenshot, but it does blur the screen. So even if you manage to take a screenshot, it’s useless. The software overlays a blurred grille over the image when we take a picture. The grille slides when the receiver opens the image, allowing them to see the image. If they try to capture a screenshot, however, the image will always have blurred portions. When you consider that big applications like Snapchat lacks these features, it’s clear that they’re a superb Snapchat replacement that’s safer than the original app.

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The name makes you think it’s a hybrid robot on a mission to exterminate all humans on the planet, but that’s not the case. Cyberdust is a fantastic software for sending self-destructive messages. Not only that but there is a slew of other Tamilyogi features that set this app apart from the competition. You can share GIFs, animations, URLs that will expire in a few minutes, and photos with captions using Cyberdust. You may also pin sent messages so that you don’t forget about them.


Clipchat, another fantastic app with self-destructive messaging capabilities is known among its users for its basic and easy-to-use UI. And, because the app creators care about the security of your data, you’ll be notified if the person to whom you’ve sent the message tries to screenshot it. Isn’t it cool?


Slingshot is excellent software for those searching for a replacement for Yovo. It’s easy to use, and the lack of a sophisticated UI means it’s faster than other apps like this. Additionally, you may share any photo or Index of Money Heist Season 3 directly from the app. There are choices for reviewing the photo/video you just took, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally sharing a terrible photo. There’s also a small but effective editor for enhancing photographs before emailing them.


All of these applications have the same goal in mind: security. Wickr has also been recognized by consumers and international studies as the safest self-destructive texting app. End-to-end encryption technology powers the app, and there are no complaints about its user experience. What’s more, it lets you apply a variety of filters to your photographs before emailing them. So, if you’re searching for a solid Yovo substitute, this is the finest option we can recommend