AI-Enabled Tools to Maintain Social Distancing


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), physical distancing is a must to contain the virus’s spread even after the lockdown eases. Experts hint that the vaccination will be available in a year and a half, but it is still in the early days. Until the vaccination is launched, the only thing that can keep the virus at bay is physical distancing. As there are a large number of asymptomatic people, you will likely get the virus transmitted in your lungs if you come in contact with a COVID19 carrier. As the lockdown eases, malls, stores, restaurants, bars, party halls reopen. Therefore it is mandatory to follow the protocol of social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading like fire. 

Now the question is if people gather at crowded places, it is naturally hard for people to maintain at least six feet gap, but on the other hand, you cannot throw the caution to the wind. Regardless of the weather, the power of the virus does not fluctuate, and sometimes it is living in people that show no symptoms like fever, dry throat, itchiness, irritation, and dry cough. No matter how strong you think your immunity is, prevention is better than cure, or in fact, being prey to the disease that has no cure yet. 

It is understood that you cannot lock yourself home until the vaccination is given birth. You need to step out, go to your workplace, grab medicines from a medical store, and buy food from a grocer’s. There is always a risk when you go out or touch anything even though you have worn a mask and wrapped up your fingers in gloves. You cannot be sure about the hygiene other people are maintaining – for instance, whether they sanitise or wash their hands with soaps every time they touch a surface or are keeping the protocol of physical distancing throughout the day. 

Whether you are at your workplace or a grocer’s, it is not easy to bear in mind the physical distancing. This is why workplaces, malls, and other places where the crowd gathers are using AI-enabled tools to ensure a safe distance between individuals.

This blog discusses how technology has overtaken manual ability to provide the right gap to contain the spread of the virus. 

Xovis technology ensures a safe environment and safe distance

Providing a safe environment is key to keeping stores open even down the road. Shopping malls are open, and similarly, other crowded places are open, but government regulations need to be complied with. The in and out of people needs to be smoother so that there is a sufficient gap between individuals. Xovis 3D sensors can analyse real-time data about the flow of people and ensure the safety to prevent the transmission of the virus. It is crucial to maintain a recommended gap between individuals in case any of them sneezes or coughs and is an asymptomatic COVID carrier. 

The sensor identifies the areas that are prone to contagion. It generally includes narrow lanes and packed queues. It can locate the gathering of people that can be problematic. Here is how these sensors work to ensure the safety of individuals in public places. 

  • The sensors are placed over the entrance door to count people coming in and going out. 
  • It analyses data and sends real-time data for the immediate action to be taken by the store owner. 
  • It can count the number of people and match it with the maximum capacity. 
  • Once the number of people fulfils the capacity, it sends alerts to remind the rule of physical distancing. 
  • Multiple sensors at check-outs can measure the actual distance between people. 

Xovis technology has proved as the best technology because it accurately measures the data like counting of people and the actual distance between them. The entire data is processed directly on the sensor and streams on the third party system. After the installation of these sensors, it is being upgraded with advanced features. 

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Amazon AI Distance assistants are maintaining the right gap between warehouse workers

It is the responsibility of all workplaces to take adequate measures to prevent the workers from COVID19 infection. Amazon issued by one of the workers at a fulfilment centre for putting the workers and their families at risk of COVID19. It is due to the constant violation of preventive regulations. It has unveiled a new AI tool recently that claims to maintain social distancing between all workers. This AI-enabled tools released by Amazon is known as Distance Assistant. It is an upgraded version of the technology that ensures physical distance in real-time. It gives accurate feedback through a standalone unit, a camera that uses machine learning to differentiate people from other objects. It can assess the precise distance between individuals. 

As people walk past the camera, a monitor that streams the live video shows a six-foot gap between individuals. Workers within a sufficient difference are highlighted with green circles, and those who come closer are highlighted with red circles to indicate the workers that they should get away to make a safe distance. This is how it shows the accurate distance between people and encourage them to use a social distancing protocol. 

Following social distancing is crucial if you want to keep the virus at bay. Because the lockdown eases and life is coming on track gradually, it does not mean the problem is gone, and everything is all right. It is an individual responsibility to follow preventive measures. Technology is helping out companies to maintain the proper gap between people, and experts are still making efforts to make it available at several crowded locations. If you are also running a company, you should use AI-enabled tools to ensure the people’s work on your premises is safe. Let the technology handle the pressure of continually monitoring the distance between people. If you do not have enough money to invest in such tools, loan lender in the UK can help you fund it. This time safety is more intrinsic.