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Voice overs are the need of this time. From brand promotion to marketing campaigns, voice-overs are required in advertising, documentaries, IVRs, podcasts, movies, broadcasting, web series, radio, eLearning, corporate presentations and where not!  With the proven impact that voice has on any campaign, organizations these days are pursuing a voice that can hit the target audience as real and instill them to take a call to action.

The conventional voice-over process and (its) shortcomings

Searching the right agency for your voice overs may be a long, tedious and cumbersome process as the conventional process involves chasing various voice over agencies and aggressively following up to find the right voice. Needless to say, the customer is forced to choose from a handful of voice samples ‘preferred’ by the conventional agency. Even after all this inconvenience, there’s no guarantee that the end recording would satisfy your requirements and re-recordings can further burn a hole through your pocket. For voice artists, this process means that they have to go through the ordeals of umpteen auditions to land the right opportunity. Delayed payments, the involvement of middlemen, tough competition and nepotism within industry further curb the right voice talent to rise and showcase their skills.

A marketplace for voice-overs – The Solution

Voyzapp is providing a parallel solution to these problems through its digitized tech-powered portal which hosts thousands of professional voice artists. The motto of Voyzapp is to streamline the fragmented voice industry and make this whole process technology-friendly by serving as a voice over services company online. Voyzapp’s automated model, a quick voice over the delivery and highly competitive costs eliminate the need to follow the old-school conventional voice-over process.

Thousands of artists – plethora of choices

Voyzapp as a voice over platform has numerous voice actors who work in multiple languages, genres, and accents. They have a rich experience in working across different languages and genres! Also, all of the recordings are done in well equipped, hi-fi studios which results in the highest quality, reliable recordings.

Compare Prices, Delivery Time

Voyzapp allows you to ‘shop for voices’ – you can simply compare prices and delivery times of various voice actors at the convenience of your mobile phones/laptops. Simply enter the word count or script and compare the prices to select the voice that fits in!

Quick, Predictable Turn-around Time

Voyzapp allows users to know the delivery times of different voices beforehand and hence based on your project urgency, you can choose the artist that fits your delivery schedule. As the middle-men and long chains of agencies are bypassed, users get accurate, predictable and unbelievably quick turn-around-times.

Payment dilemma resolved – Escrow payments

To ensure complete peace of mind and safety of funds, Voyzapp follows escrow payment mechanism. Client’s payments are held securely in escrow and are released to the artists once the project is marked as satisfied by the client!

 Inbuilt robust feedback mechanism

Not satisfied with the recording? No worries. Through its intuitive dashboard, Voyzapp offers an inbuilt feedback mechanism – you can simply highlight the issues and the problems are resolved quickly. No phone calls, no emails – it all happens through your tech powered dashboard! You may also raise a moderation request wherein our support staff shall resolve any concerns.

Unlimited reviews – Guaranteed satisfaction

Forget the traditional voice over scenarios in which you had no clue how the voice recording will turn out! Voyzapp endeavours to provide you with the best quality recorded output that you can review any number of times!

An opportunity for voice actors across the globe

Voyzapp offers completely “free” registration for voice actors/artists – so, no matter if you are a budding voice over artists, a seasoned VO player or rising voice talent, Voyzapp allows you to showcase your talent to the world!

In a nutshell, Voyzapp is not only providing an clear, quick, transparent platform for the customers to hire voice over artists instantly, but is also providing a level playing field for voice actors across the globe, who can register free – upload voice samples and showcase their talent to the world!

If you are still thinking about getting a quality voice over recording for your jingle, animation video, IVR, radio jingle, advertisement, documentary, commercial, e-learning module, movie or that urgent corporate presentation, look no further and logon to Voyzapp today!