A Digital Marketing Agency Helps Your Brand in Many Ways

A Digital Marketing Agency Wears More than One Hat

Quite a few brands have learned a valuable lesson in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and starting to invest in a switch to a digital marketing platform as at least a part of their overall marketing strategy. They’re also finding that a digital marketing agency is a crucially valuable partner for more reasons than they first thought.

Many of these brands have invested in a website because their competition did. The site was mainly used as a semi-static billboard that offered information about the brand and its product lines. As their marketing efforts were focused on their brick and mortar operations, the site’s rankings have slipped, and the brand is wondering whether they need to pay money for a completely new website.

Digital Marketing and SEO

What these brands have found out is that their digital marketing agency is also an SEO agency. Digital marketing and SEO are two sides of the same coin. No digital campaign can operate properly without support from a dedicated SEO team.

A digital marketing strategy is also a long-term strategy. And as the strategy takes place over days, weeks, or months at a time, your website handles all the traffic your ad campaigns generate. It also may support any ecommerce platforms installed on it.

By the time you and the digital marketing agency finalise a marketing strategy, the SEO team is already hard at work fixing and upgrading your brand’s website. They measure how fast your site loads refreshes. They fix all the bad or broken links that would frustrate customers trying to find products on your site.

They also increase your site’s ranking by posting new content on it containing relevant keywords. These keywords drive users to your site. They’re the search terms users looking for products like yours are using. The SEO team researches the most popular keywords and inserts them into the content. They also increase your brand’s visibility by launching a link-building campaign that drives more traffic to your site.

All these activities slowly increase your site’s ranking until it’s up among your competition, where potential customers can see it and become aware of your brand name and products.

Working in Harmony

A full-service digital marketing agency helps you create a marketing strategy for your brand that satisfies all your brand objectives. Then it creates the visuals and content of the individual ads in a number of ad formats offered by the target platform. It buys the ad space, monitors the entire campaign, and creates regular reports on the results of those campaigns.

The SEO side of your digital marketing agency partner maintains your website to enable the marketing campaign to do its job.

Both the marketing and SEO sides work in harmony throughout the campaign, and together they deliver results that ensure the client-agency partnership is a success.

To learn more about all the digital services of a full-service digital marketing agency, contact Primal for a consultation on your brand’s needs.


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