A brief discussion of AI topics with real-world examples.


Artificial intelligence or Ai is a relatively recent phenomenon and a result of human hedonism. This hedonism is however directed towards a bright future that is devoid of the detriments of human errors and is significantly automated. Automation is perhaps the only path that can lead us towards such a future. And not being able to incorporate automation into daily lives is a losing proposition for many. Already the blessings of automation have infested our lives. 

All the aspects of human life in 2022 are invaded by automation with varying degrees of success. From self-driving cars to automated kitchens, humanity in 2022 is ready to let go of the eagerness to be self-sufficient in the face of massive requirements of efficiency in day-to-day services. AI is changing the world for the better. And the real-world applications are seen to be making a lot of progress. This article will try to engage the enthusiasts by offering knowledge regarding the important AI topics to help with bolstering the aptitude of an average student. 

Deep learning 

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning and in turn, a subset of artificial intelligence. A deep learning model is inspired by the human brain. The human brain is made up of functional layers for processing information and dispatching motor or other instructions. Like the brain, a deep learning model is made up of layers of neurons. Each layer is responsible for a specific function and the layers are connected by channels of different weightage and functions. Thus a deep learning model can filter and process even complicated sets of data seemingly irrelevant in terms of analysis yield and implications. A deep learning model is trained with data of similar origins and utility in order to perform the extraction and analysis all by itself. 

Natural language processing

Natural language processing or NLP is a paradigm of understanding human spoken language armed with the feature, an AI entity can understand humans and communicate for orders and inputs. NLP is used in chatbots or household management AI or personal assistant AI like google or Alexa by amazon. In addition to that, an NLP-enabled AI can be deployed in the case of security and voice-dependent access filtration systems.  

Feature extraction 

The most prominent example of feature extraction in AI is character and voice recognition. In the traffic sector, an AI, enhanced with feature extraction tech and all the amenities for exercising the same, can detect a rogue driver or vehicle from as far as a kilometre or more. This implementation is making the intercity commuting experience smoother and free of any inconveniences and time waste. And in the process, it saves valuable manpower hassle inflicted upon the drivers and riders. 

Remote diagnostics 

In the healthcare sector, remote diagnosis is saving the lives of thousands of at-risk patients. People suffering from diabetes, chronic or acute ischemia and even heart diseases are the prime candidates for the implementation of remote diagnosis. A diagnostic band is applied on the wrists of patients with the need for emergency diagnosis and who are at risk from something all the time. The diagnostic markers are detected by these devices and transmitted to the concerned AI and healthcare unit. Then the necessary instructions and alarms are issued based on the requirements of a patient. 

Customer engagements tools 

In marketing, AI is achieving miracles. With the help of all kinds of available marketing data, it is possible to figure out the ones who might need a product and are willing to invest in the same. Thus the campaigns are easy and a recommendation bot utilises this massive amount of data and reaches out to the most likely potential customers. The emergence of these systems is infusing the quotient of certainty and accuracy to marketing campaigns and achieving results. 

Customer support chatbots are also very important in terms of the sustenance of a good reputation. A chatbot is equipped with information regarding a product or service and troubleshooting is taught by similar relevant data. The emergence of chatbots and automated customer support systems is reducing expenses involved in the case of after-sales service both in terms of time, money and human resources. 

Cyber security

Cyber security is a real-time process which involves everlasting and consistent vigilance. After the lockdowns kicked in, the aspect of securing the remote servers became a priority for ventures depending on remote employees. Thus automated and fast security systems are the need of the hour and AI is satisfying the need with remarkable prowess. 

Remote cyber security is among the most prominent AI topics that an AI engineer in our times must be aware of. And the scope of employment in cyber security is also astonishingly high.