7 Ways Businesses Can Benefit From a Website Redesign


A lot of businesses sometimes need to go through rebranding.

Maybe it’s because of a change of management; perhaps the company has changed its mission and vision in some way. In other cases, the rebranding might be simply because of the changing of times and the desire to update to a newer design choice.

If you’re thinking of rebranding your business, then you shouldn’t forget about redesigning your website to reflect your business’s new branding position. 

Redesigning your website isn’t only something you can do if your business is rebranding. Given the fast pace of the Internet, redesigning your website is a more common thing than business rebranding.

The reason for this is because it gives a lot of benefits to businesses if they consider redesigning their website.

Want to do the same for your site? Here are several benefits that businesses get when they redesign their website that you might want to reap for yourself.

1. Search engine friendliness

It was only in recent years that digital marketers have figured out that designing your website to make it more friendly on search engines is to people’s benefit.

Search engine optimization isn’t something that a lot of people were thinking about for their website before, but now, people know better, so they prioritize SEO.

However, businesses that have had a website for a long time likely haven’t modified their previous content or old versions of their webpages to make it search engine friendly.

Therefore, redesigning your website will help you optimize your website better, which can lead to an improvement in search engine ranking.

2. Better user experience

Another reason why you might want to redesign your website is that your old website might need to have better web navigation for better user experience.

As you continue running your website, you’re going to understand which parts of your website are falling short and which ones are good but could do better after a redesign.

Perhaps there are parts of your website that feel like they’re not up-to-date. There might also be visuals on your site that feel outdated. Regardless, neither of these create an enjoyable user experience for your web visitors.

If you want your website visitors to stay on your website longer, then you want them to have a smooth experience on your site. Therefore, you might need a website redesign to do that.

3. Gain more visitors

Even if your website design is up-to-date, sometimes you’ll ever find yourself losing visitors and conversion rates over time.

The reason why your up-to-date website doesn’t generate that much traffic is that your underlying process (ie. your checkout process) is outdated.

With that said, you might find better results if you redesign your website from scratch. You can figure out which versions of your site work best by conducting an A/B test for a certain period of time.

4. Increase in sales

At Sytian Web Design Philippines, we usually advise our clients to consider redesigning their website if they want to experience an increase in sales.

Web design is more than just aesthetics. It also can better the business results that you can get from your website, such as conversions.

If you improve the SEO efforts on your site, as well as better the user experience, and experiment around with reliable and effective web design, you’ll find that your sales numbers will increase significantly.

5. Browsers compatibility

For your older websites, you want to do a web redesign, especially if browsers have massive updates that you need to adapt to with your site.

For example, Google Chrome no longer supports Flash in 2020. Therefore, if you still have this on your website, you might want to do an overhaul.

Otherwise, it can significantly decrease the quality of your user visitor’s experience if they come across something that requires Flash, and they can’t do that because their browser no longer supports it.

6. Improves load speed

People want things to be instant. Therefore, if your website doesn’t have a fast page load speed, you’re going to lose your web visitors in seconds.

Certain parts of your site may be affecting the loading speed of your website, which you will need to overhaul to improve loading speed. You might also want to work with a better web hosting service provider while you’re at it.

7. Improves your credibility

If your website is representing your business, you want to ensure that it shows the best of you.

On that note, your site needs a redesign if you’re going to continually be up-to-date and confirm that you are looking for the best possible version of your business online.

An updated website that is regularly optimized will improve your credibility and establish professionalism more than anything.


A website redesign can help you in many ways. From improving conversions to levelling up the user experience, all of these benefits are useful for any business.

If you feel like it’s been a while since you last redesigned your site, then you might want to check up on it and see if you need to do one to better your site.

Apart from redesigning your website, or other streams of online marketing you can also consider some conventional and old methods of marketing for the rebranding of your business, you can opt for trendy and popular flyer templates, brochures, magazines cover, and other modes as well which can give you good results as well.