5 Ways To Support Employee Career Development Online


Most successful business leaders understand that companies don’t grow when they remain stagnant. Instead, they prosper through creative thought, hard work and continued learning. After all, if things remained the same at all times, companies would miss the chance to advance and grow with their customers.

Therefore, organizations should strive to prioritize professional development opportunities throughout the year, allowing staff to bolster their skills and knowledge. Teach them to use Zoom Immersive View background download. Help them master the latest in technology upgrades. Doing so doesn’t have to be hard. Here are five ways, your group can help your employees further their career while working online.

1. Take an Interest in Employee Career Goals

Many of the conversations you had in the office can take place on the computer. During these one-on-ones, get to know your employees long-term and short-term goals. Note them and discuss the path to reaching their objectives. Assist in showing them the additional training needed to gain success and assist in bolstering these areas.

2. Encourage Job Shadowing and Mentoring

Pairing people up to learn from each other encourages team building and aids in picking up valuable insight about the company’s procedures. Ensure that all new members pair up with someone within the department who has seasoned status. During their online team chats, your veteran walks through vital information and can help with anything from setting up a Zoom virtual office background to how to appropriately support clients.

3. Express Appreciation for Positive Contributions

Kids love validation. The gold star on the board for doing something right often became the main dinner table conversation. Are adults any different? Not really. Employees want to know that matter and that their hard world is valued; therefore, don’t underestimate the influence of a virtual pat on the back or thank you.

4. Understand Home Life Matters

People don’t always get ahead by working more hours. They do so by learning how to accomplish tasks well and with efficiency. Talk to your employees about how to get more knocked out during office hours so they can focus on their other interests and family. Talk about what takes up too much time and how to overcome the obstacles. Make a game plan to find ways to remain productive and less stressed.

5. Promote Team and Roles Changes

Variety is the spice of life, so sometimes you need to shake up the departments to help people advance. Sticking to one role means someone learns something very well, but the resume remains one-toned. Make it known that changes happen within teams and groups so that your organization and employees can grow and pick up new skills. Then, plan to rotate staff around to assist with new projects or concepts.

Working from home doesn’t limit growth; it simply changes the forum. With the right encouragement and support your team can continue to develop and learn more. Encourage mentors to teach skills like Google Meet background and talk with staff about their future goals. Get to know others, and use that knowledge to assist them in making forward progress.