5 Ways To Start A Candle Business


In this ever-growing era of inflation, every single person out there is looking for some innovative and practical revenue generation streams. Candle making and selling is a very good business to enter a highly competitive yet highly demanding market. However, before diving into this business, you need to take care of a few things. Therefore, in this blog, we will share with you the 5 ways to start a candle business from scratch. We will begin with a discussion on your motivation behind starting this business. Then, we will share with you the different types of homemade candles that you can conveniently manufacture with minimal resources. Finally, we will share with you the 5 steps of initiating your very own candle business.

First Understand your Main Objective- Why do you want to Make and Sell Candles?

It is not just with the candle business, rather it is with every business that you wish to start, that you should understand your main objective. You should know exactly why you want to do what you plan on doing. If you want to generate a handsome profit with relatively lesser upfront costs, then you might consider jumping into the candle business. Candle packaging ideas can play a pivotal role in this venture. Candles can be an excellent decorative item because of which they can make their way to small households as well as luxurious mansions very easily. Because of this, you can have a vast target audience to cater to.


Apart from this, you should also look for the scalability of your business, the customizability of the product, and the variety of platforms where you can sell your products. Fortunately, a candle business satisfies you in all of these regards. You can easily scale your business up as the demand grows. You can even customize your candles in different ways according to the preferences of your customers. Moreover, you have the choice of selling your candles online as well as offline. Therefore, if these are the things you are looking to achieve, then candle making and selling business is definitely for you. 

Different Types of Homemade Candles

As the candle business is flourishing day by day, it is experiencing different innovations in terms of the types of candles that can be manufactured at home. A beautifully crafted homemade candle packed inside a custom candle box is surely a treat for the eyes. Candles are generally made up of paraffin wax or beeswax. Both of these materials are readily available and can easily be molded into desired shapes and sizes. This is by far, the most common type of homemade candle. However, as people these days are becoming environmentally conscious, they prefer to buy vegan candles. These are the candles that are created using plant-based wax or soy wax and they usually incorporate natural fragrances.


Additionally, candles are also excessively used in aromatherapy. For that, you can use essential oils to infuse a soothing and calming fragrance into your candles. Such candles have the ability to instantly lift up your mood and bring your anxiety levels down. Another very important type of homemade candle is one that is solely used for decorative purposes. Such candles, regardless of their manufacturing materials, have exciting and unique shapes that are sure to capture attention. The possibilities in this business are endless and you can literally play around with a lot of different ideas in your candle-making business. 

5 Ways to Start a Candle Business

Although the process of starting a candle business is very simple and basic, it is always nice to have a proper roadmap in place that you can follow along your way to success. Therefore, below, we have listed down the 5 most crucial steps of starting a candle business:

  • Do Proper Market Research

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the market segment you are going to target, current trends in the candle business, preferences of your target audience, as well as the resources available at your disposal. Having a sound knowledge of these things will help you a lot in building the right product for the right customers.

  • Build your own Brand and Identity

To be able to get noticed in a competitive market, it is crucial to have your own brand. Then, you can build an identity that perfectly resonates with your vision as well as the products that you wish to sell. You should strengthen your brand image so much so that your audience will instantly recognize your product once it is available in the market.

  • Make Your Presence Strong (Online and Offline)

You can further strengthen your candle brand’s presence by introducing it online as well as offline. You can create your own website from where customers can order your candles online. Moreover, you can even distribute them to famous retail stores from where they can easily grab customer’s attention.

  • Introduce New Offers on Events and Holidays

It is very important to cash in on the arrival of all the important events and occasions. This strategy tremendously boosts your sales. You can introduce new deals and discounts on your candles during the holiday season or any special occasion. This way, you will be able to attract a large majority of customers. 

  • Market Your Candle Business

Last but not least, you should know the art of marketing your candle business effectively. For that, you can make use of different social media channels and run campaigns on them. Moreover, you also need to invest in appealing packaging. The Box Agency manufactures aesthetically pleasing and highly customizable yet budget-friendly packaging solutions that are sure to complement the marketing of your homemade candles.


If you are looking for some great ideas for starting your own business, then candle making and selling can be one of the best options to start with. However, having the right knowledge of this niche is the key to success. Therefore, you can go through this thorough guide to educate yourself on all the important aspects of this business and start growing right away.