5 Red Flags to Look for When Buying Prescription Glasses Online


    Buying prescription eyeglasses online provides many benefits.  It allows for convenience, and you don’t have to go through a lot to find discount codes to ensure you are getting a good deal.  Furthermore, you can place an order from the comfort of your home and wait for delivery within the shortest time possible.

    But there is a dark side as well when buying prescription glasses online. Now more than ever, online scam cases are on the rise and may put you at risk with your next purchase decision.  No wonder you must exercise caution when buying your eyeglasses to avoid falling prey to scammers. 

    You don’t have to be a pro at online shopping for this to happen. Keep an eye out for some of these red flags to stay safe next time you buy new prescription eyeglasses online!

    • Too Good to Be True Prices 

    Prescription glasses don’t come at a throw-away price.  Therefore, it makes sense to look for discounts online before making the necessary payments. Even though everyone likes a good deal, a low price tag on eyeglasses might indicate more risk than reward. That is, especially when buying eyeglasses from popular brands worldwide. 

    It is easy for scammers to set up fake online eyeglasses stores and sell items through a reputable marketplace website. Such dealers deliver sub-par quality eyeglasses or disappear in thin air once you send them money.  That only leads to wastage of time and money.

    Rather than turning a blind eye as you dig your grave while buying prescription eyeglasses online, why not shun surprisingly low prices! Always go out of your way and compare the cost of buying prescription glasses online. With this information, you won’t find yourself in the hands of scammers when buying new eyeglasses. 

    • No Reviews or Ratings 

    Reviews always come in handy when shopping for your new prescription eyeglasses online. After all, they let you know more about the online retailer you want to count on based on previous customers’ experiences. Remember, these reviews serve as the ideal way for customers to raise a voice against an online store after working with them. 

    If the online eyeglasses store you want to count on has zero past reviews or ratings, there is reason to panic.  There is no way online scammers can allow you to share their experience with other buyers. For this reason, most choose to delete the negative reviews on their online store. Some go to the extent of hiding the rating merely to dupe other shoppers looking for the best prescription glasses. 

    • They Only Accept Credit Cards

    How you pay for prescription eyeglasses online says a lot about whether or not you are counting on a reputable dealer. If you can only make the necessary payments for your new eyeglasses using a credit card, it should be a source of concern. Such online eyeglasses retailers may be scammers who want to dupe unsuspecting customers. 

    Remember, cash on delivery payment option makes it easy for you to trust the online eyeglasses store. After all, it eliminates the risk of not receiving eyeglasses in the first place. Things are different with credit-card payments since there is no turning back once done with the transaction. 

    Be sure to look for an online eyeglasses retailer that accepts different payments. One such retailer is the renowned Vooglam since they allow customers to make payments for their eyeglasses using VISA, JCB, AfterPay, American Express, Maestro, and many more.  With such an online eyeglasses retailer, you can rest knowing they have your best interest at heart. 

    • Too Much Financial and Personal Information Needed

    You don’t have to go through a lot merely because you want to buy prescription glasses online.  Even though it is common for online stores to request payment and personal information to complete your order, they should never go overboard.  Be wary of online eyeglasses retailers that ask you to share additional unnecessary information, such as bank account details and Social Security number.

    Such online stores have ill intentions and may use this information for their gains.  Rather than remaining silent as you put yourself deep into an online scam, why not run for your heels and look elsewhere! Things are no different when an online eyeglasses store asks you to download an app to complete the ordering process. 

    • Unprofessional Site 

    First impressions will always matter when buying your new prescription eyeglasses online. If the appearance of an online store doesn’t draw attention from the word go, chances are it is run by scammers. But how can you tell the difference between a professional and an unprofessional site? 

    Keep a close eye on any broken links and a poor web design.  Always be wary of online eyeglasses retailers whose sites have bad grammar. A legitimate prescription eyeglasses retailer will take it upon themselves to invest in a properly run site.  Ensure the site is free from spelling mistakes and broken links. After all, it is the online face of the business. 

    Also, be wary of online prescription eyeglasses stores that lack details about the return and refund policy. Reputable eyeglasses retailers like Vooglam make this information easily accessible on their site. Be sure to read the refund and return policy to determine what will happen if they deliver the wrong prescription eyeglasses.

    Final Thoughts 

    Although buying prescription glasses online helps save time and money, never make this purchase decision in haste. Not every online store you come across will deliver on its promise. Some only want to steal from unsuspecting customers, leaving them with no money and prescription eyeglasses to show. 

    Always keep a close eye on the above and other red flags before you finally decide to shop for your new prescription eyeglasses online. Furthermore, perform a background check on the prospective online eyewear retailer to tell their legitimacy. Only proceed with your order when confident about the products and service it offers customers.