5 Questions You Might Have About Getting a Partner Visa


In the fiscal year 2021, the Australian government set aside a considerable portion of the budget for partner visas. This is a terrific opportunity for individuals who want to now migrate to Australia with their significant other.

Let’s dive in and answer some common questions people may have about obtaining a partner visa.

What Is A Partner Visa?

A partner visa, also commonly referred to as a de facto visa, is provided to those individuals whose partners and spouses are either permanent citizens of Australia, permanent residents of Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizens residing in Australia.

Prior to the Marriage Act 1961 amendment, even if a same-sex couple was legally married abroad, the pair could only apply for a partner visa as a de facto partner if the applicant satisfied all of the required conditions. Now that same-sex marriage is legal in Australia, both heterosexual and homosexual couples can apply for partner visas.

What Are The Types of Partner Visas?

In Australia, there are currently three types of partner visas available:

  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Partner Visa Offshore
  • Partner Visa Onshore

There are also 2 stages through which your process goes:

  • Stage 1: Temporary Partner Visa
  • Stage 2: Permanent Partner Visa

How Does It Work?

You must apply for a temporary or permanent visa, which you can do by filling out an application and submitting it to the appropriate authorities so that it may be evaluated.

After the initial assessment, if you happen to meet all the criteria for the visa, then a temporary partner visa is provided to you. This temporary visa is valid when you are then handed a permanent visa, which is usually offered a few years after the partner visa application is submitted and processed.

The permanent visa process can be sped up if you can show proof that you have been married to your partner or have been in a relationship with your significant other for three years or more. The process can also be accelerated if you have been married or in a relationship with your partner for two years or more and have a dependent child present from you and your partner.

How Long Does The Visa Last?

Though the partner visa has no set period and each type has its own rules, it will be impossible to limit this to a specific number.

Albeit, as previously mentioned, when the temporary partner visa has been valid for 24 months, the immigration authorities assess the application to see if the applicant meets the requirements for a permanent partner visa in Australia.

However, after a permanent partner visa is obtained, the individual is under no duty to remain in contact with their sponsor.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for a Partner Visa?

There are 3 main conditions an individual must fulfil to be eligible for a partner visa:

  • The individual must be married to or in a relationship with an Australian citizen/permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • The individual must meet the criteria of a de facto relationship visa
  • If applying for a temporary partner visa, the applicant must be living outside of Australia. If applying for a permanent partner visa, the applicant must be living in Australia.

Although it may seem like a tasking process, a partner visa can be very beneficial for individuals looking to settle down in Australia with their significant other.