4 Ways to Beat the Competition


According to a study by Forbes, 57% of companies prioritize competitive advantage gain as one of their main goals due to the growing number of competitors in the industry. Nobody wants to be left behind in attaining success; therefore, most businesses will try every possible means to ensure they beat their rivals. After all, having a successful business has to deal with possessing every advantage over other competitors in the market.

In every industry, there’s an existence of competition, and that’s why smart business owners find every possible means to invalidate the efficiency of other competitors so they can continue to maintain the necessary status quo needed to be thought leaders. According to Christina Green, a communications strategic planning senior manager at Danone, competition is getting tight in businesses, and being able to stand out involves implementing great ideas. Beating the competition is no child’s play; therefore, looking for every available means to win is essential to success.

What Is a Competitive Strategy?

To beat the competition, some companies develop strategies to continually generate and increase profits to help them expand their operations far and wide. A competitive strategy is a group of policies businesses use to gain an edge over their industry rivals. The competitive strategy ensures that companies can carry out actions that, in turn, help to boost their competitive position.

Notably, professionals can never undermine the importance of competitive strategy as it affects the plans put together to carry out total business operations. Companies that don’t have a competitive plan may find it hard to stand their ground against their rivals in the industry. For instance, a competitive strategy helps a business develop different products and services to meet customer expectations and beat every other product from companies.

Types of Competitive Strategies

Most times, the competitive strategy helps a business explore new opportunities that competitors in the industry may not consider.

These strategies help to increase the value of products and services for three categories of individuals which are:

  • Investors
  • Consumers
  • Employees

There are types of competitive strategies, and some of them include the following:

  • Cost leadership
  • Differentiation
  • Cost focus
  • Differentiation focus

Tips for Overcoming Competitors

Since you know that encountering competition in a business is inevitable, coming up with a strategy to beat other competitors is vital. Notably, today’s business landscape is highly competitive, which means having to be distinguished from the competition is essential to surviving hardships and recording satisfied growth. There are tips to overcome the high competition in today’s business industry.

Some of these tips are as follows:

1. Making Everyday Processes Easier

Having a business where processes are made easier is essential to ensuring that employees can take on many responsibilities and perform their duties with utmost efficiency. For example, tracking how well employees work by using timesheet templates for your team ensures that you can accurately monitor their working hours, pay them correctly, and be clean when conducting audits. Timesheet templates help your business avoid mistakes that include missing the deadline for payrolls, inputting the wrong information, making errors with calculations constantly, and Maintaining improper records.

2. Setting More Realistic Goals

One thing distinguishing a business from others is the ability to carry out OKR goals and objectives set before establishment successfully. This is where some businesses fail, mainly because of setting unrealistic goals, and this results in affecting a company’s image and growth level. That’s why to stay ahead of rivals and beat the industry’s competition, it’s essential to have streamlined OKR software. The OKR software helps to drive strategic alignment, improve the performance of employees, and prioritize realistic goals.

3. Focusing on Shipping and Delivery

For businesses that are into delivering products, not using technology tools to carry out processes poses a significant danger, as it becomes possible to fall out of the industry at any time. Using dispatch software to automate shipping and delivery procedures helps improve the rate of logistics operations. Dispatch software ensures that businesses can carry out proper field service management. The benefits of dispatch software include quick response to customer requests, schedule optimization for delivery personnel, and a clear overview of scheduled activities.

4. Training Your Team

In order to become the best in the industry, it’s pertinent to have workers that are well-trained and can discharge their duties at a higher level of efficiency. One of the ways through which you can train your team is by allowing the team to have a chance at learning through augmented reality. Augmented reality training ensures that employees can have the necessary experience of the real world during virtual practice. This helps them easily remember what they learn and be able to display the knowledge when working physically, which leads to an increase in their abilities and improved business performance.


Whether you have a big or small business, it’s important to note that a rival is ready to acquire your customers. Properly combining innovation, strategy, and persistence can help your business go a long way in thriving in the market. Some tips that can help you overcome rivals in the industry include making everyday processes easier, setting more realistic goals, and setting your team.