3 Best Community Apps for Android and iOS 2020


Smartphones are blessing as well and building a community for any cause is easy these days. Let’s find out best community apps for android and iOS in 2020.

There are hundreds of community apps available, which are made for different causes. Below we are discussing what we think are best community apps.

Be My Eyes (Available for Android and iOS) Free

This is one of the best community apps. If you always think to volunteer for some good causes, but unable to take time out of your hectic schedule, here’s your chance.

Download the Be My Eyes app right now on your phone and lend your sight to blind and low vision people through a video call.

This app is available in over 180 languages, Be My Eyes app basically enables visually impaired users to make a video call to sighted volunteer to get help with anything from simple task.

These tasks includes checking expiry dates or distinguishing colors, to more complicated situations, like navigation new surroundings or finding a lost item.

Once the app is installed, you can register yourself, either as a sighted volunteer or a blind person.

When registered as a volunteer, you have to do nothing more than just to wait for your first call, meaning you’ll receive a call notification whenever a blind or low vision user requires some on demand visual assistance.

The first volunteer to answer the call request will be connected to the caller, so you need not to worry in case you’re unable to answer the call at that moment.

As if today, Be My Eyes app has more than 3,100,000 sighted volunteers registered on its platform to help over 178,000 blind and low vision users.

Speaking of how this app works for blind or low vision users, the home screen of the app presents them with two options, i.e., “Call first available volunteer,” and “Specialized Help.”

Tapping on the first half of the screen, which reads “Call first available volunteer” prompts the app to send out a notification to several volunteer who speak the same language.

As soon as the first volunteer accepts the call request, they both get connected through a live audio video call. The volunteer can then guide the caller through the caller’s rear facing camera.

Telling you a bit about the “Specialized Help” option, it enables visually impaired users to get the help directly from the official staff of partner companies, namely, Google and Microsoft, if they have any issue with their product and services.

HappyFeed (Available for Android and iOS) Free

Today, you don’t need a reason to convince yourself about the benefits of practicing gratitude daily.

There are many research studies available on the internet that sum up the benefits of gratitude journaling, and how it can have a positive impact on your overall health and mental well being.

So, let’s promise ourselves to develop a habit of reflecting and recording three things that you’re grateful for or say happy moments each day right before going to bed.

You can install the Happyfeed app to remind you about the same and to be your daily gratitude journal.

Happyfeed app can’t be simpler. It reminds you to quickly write down three good things about the day or happy moments that you are grateful for before you end your day.

It even gives you the option to tag photos and locations to those happy moments. Not just that, you can use an emotion of your choice to tag the happiest days of your life on the calendar.

Recording three happy moments every day with Happyfeed, as the name suggests, is like creating a personal, happy feed of the positive moments in your life that you’d love to look back at.

Moreover, this process of reflection helps you understand what drives your happiness and enables you to focus on what really matters and develop a habit of appreciating more.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Happyfeed app right away on your smartphone.

ShareTheMeal (Available for Android and iOS) Free

ShareTheMeal is my all time favorite app and would like my readers to download this app once and contribute towards building a world with #ZeroHunger.

ShareTheMeal is the charity app by the United Nations World Food Programme that enables you to feed a child for one day by donating even $1, just with one tap on your smartphone.

Let’s understand how the team behind the ShareTheMeal app works. The WFP runs specific campaigns to feed hungry children and families around the world, with donations starting from $1.

At the time of writing this review, the WFP was seeking contribution for five different campaigns, i.e., Support school nutrition, and supporting families in the Central Sahel, help children in Platine, Share school meals in Madagascar, and Feed children around the world.

You can go through the details about each campaign before making your contribution. Needless to mention, you can contribute to more than one campaign and as many times as you would like to.

What’s more, you can also join “The Table,” a monthly giving community.

By Joining The Table, you can support one family every month to buy their food supplies. You might be surprised to know that there are 20 times as many smartphone users as hungry children.

So if everyone contributes a little, we all together can make this world a better place.


Helping people and sharing your happiness with the people is necessary for the survival of any community. There is no doubt in that, with the help of smartphones by connecting to internet either using Wi-fi or mobile data, you can contribute to the community virtually.

There are many other community apps available on the playstore and iOS store, go and browser through to find your favorite one.