2018 John Deere 8245R Review!


John Deere 8R series is made up of seven common-sized tractors with horsepowers ranging from 245 – 400. There are many tire combinations and track options available for the four most powerful models. This week’s topic is the series that started 8245R. It was the first tractor to roll off the Waterloo assembly line in Iowa. Also Read: Tractor Price in Pakistan

Also, it was the first John Deere tractor manufactured in the 100th anniversary of John Deere engine-powered tractor production (pre 1918 John Deere tractor were powered by horses/oxen). The Purvis family from Naples, Fla. is proud owners of the first 100th-anniversary tractor.

John Deere PowerTech 9.0L engine powering all 8R tractors is the latest technology, including series turbocharging to increase low-speed torque and variable geometry turbocharging to provide better response. High-pressure injection ensures maximum fuel efficiency. These engines can achieve EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4) compliance through a combination of DOC/DPF (diesel oxidation/diesel particulate filters), Cooled EG (exhaust gases recirculation), Selective Catalyst Reduction (selective catalytic reduction) and air-to–air aftercooling.

A DOC/DPF system has the advantage that engine heat during normal operations oxidizes PM (particulate matter). This allows the system to be cleaned without sacrificing performance or going into a parked (downtime). cleaning cycle. The 8245R’s power take-off (PTO), rating is 200 horsepower at 2100 RPM. Intelligent Power Management (IPM), which allows for a boost of up to 220 horsepower and a 40% torque increase in transport and PTO conditions, can be achieved.

Eight-R Tractors come with three power-to the ground options. A 16-speed Powershift transmission has APS (automatic power switching) and requires no clutch to change gears or shuttle between forward or reverse. An e23 Powershift transmission is available with an efficiency manager and 23 evenly spaced, 15% apart (forward) and 30% apart (reverse). Or an AutoPowr AutoPowr VVT (infinitely variable transmission), which allows for infinite speed control and speeds from 164 mph to 31 mph.

John Deere 8R customers can choose from two front axle options. An MFWD (mechanical front wheel drive) can be ordered with max drawbar pulling and electro-hydraulic engagement. Or, a front axle with an ILS (independent linking suspension). You can choose between a 1300 or 1500 series axle, with the stronger 1500 series axle supporting duals for greater load-handling, traction and floatation. You can choose the optional ILS system to provide a smoother ride and flexible ballasting. It also reduces power hop by maintaining constant ground pressure. Also Read: Honda 125 Price in Pakistan


Mechanically, the system transfers up to 40% of power through a front MFWD axle. It uses a 6 to1 ratio, high steering capacity, high torque in all positions, large suspension cylinders, responsive link arms, and hydraulically using large suspension cylinders to maintain ground contact and traction. The system also uses solenoids and sensors to compensate for ground conditions. The ILS system provides a full 10-inch travel range and compensates to account for camber change. This helps to ensure that the tires’ inside and outside are perpendicular with the drive surface.

There are a variety of sizes for tires by Mitas (Firestone, Goodyear and Michelin) that range from Group 42 to 49 (59″ to 85.5″ in diameter). To maintain proper tire Overspeed on MFWD- and ILS-equipped tractors there must be a five-group difference between the front and rear tires. If Group 42 tires are used in the front, Group 47 must be used in the back. The difference between tractors with 1500 series axles can be up to four sizes (i.e. 44 front and 48 back. The base tire size is 420/90R30 in front and 480/80R46 in rear.

The base hydraulics are run through an 85cc closed-center system, which is pressure and flow compensated. It also comes with 4 SCVs (selective controls valves). A combination 85cc/35cc pump arrangement is available that can flow up to 85 GPM, and support up to 6 SCVs. This hydraulic arrangement is great for running at lower engine speeds. It can run at 32 GPM as low as 800 rpm, and can ramp up to 85 GPM at 2100.

Standard Cat 3/3N three point hitch (3PH), lift capacity is 14,000 lbs. There are two options: a Cat 3/3N option which can lift 18,500 lbs, and a Cat 4N/3 option which can lift 20,000 lbs. Optional front 3PH or PTO are available with a lift capability of 11,450 lbs at the front ball ends. Optional Cat 4 drawbars are available with a 11,000 lb. Capacity of the tongue

There are many options for rear PTOs. Standard is a 1-3/4” 20-spline (involute), 1000-rpm PTO. This is good for full horsepower over 150 PTO horsepower, and electric speed change up to eco-1000. Field conversion kits can be purchased for 1000 rpm with a 1-3/8″, six-spline straight (straight), PTO/1000 rpm 21-spline(involute) PTO. Also Read: Changan Oshan X7 Price in Pakistan

CommandView III cab with passive noise reduction, tilt/telescope steering columns with memory, available refrigerator and optional cab suspension, CommandComfort chair with air suspension, fore-aft or lateral support, adjustable backrest angle and adjustable left armrest. There is also a 40-degree right pivot and heated leather option. ActiveSeat, which combines electro-hydraulic technology with air ride suspension, isolates up to 90% vertical movement in tractor applications. ActiveSeat offers three levels of adjustable ride firmness, plus, minus and middle.

The CommandView III cab also features a behind-seat storage area, a folding instructor seat that doubles up as a workspace and swing-out rear windows. There is also a standard radio package with AC and auto climate control. Two-speed front and back wipers with washers are available, along with (2) 12V outlets with switches and one without.

A digital corner post provides readouts for fuel level and temperature. CommandARM is also included in the CommandView II Cab. It has an integrated Gen 4 Command Center touchscreen (ISOBUS compatible), and allows for fingertip control of almost every tractor function. The cab electronics are JD Link compatible and allow wireless data transfer, remote display access and Service ADVISOR remote accessibility.


Active command steering (ACS) is an option on 8R tractor models. It reduces the effort required in the field as well as during transport. The system is based on four key control areas. It uses a dynamic road wheel offset that uses a GPS to detect yaw to make small adjustments to the steering to hold the line. A variable ratio allows for a 3.5 turn lock to-lock ratio for quick headland turning, but increases to five for transport control. Elimination of steering slop, hand wheel drift, and variable effort to adjust with ground speed to improve control. The ACS protects against single-point failure just like an aircraft’s redundant systems. It is designed to accomplish the required tasks and get the operator safely to the next destination.

Two lighting packages are available for those late nights and long days. Standard package includes 65W halogen beams (6 hoods and 10 cabs), while premium packages include eight hoods and 12 cabs. All of these are LED. The tractor cab lighting provides 330 degrees coverage, while the grill lighting extends the coverage to 360 degrees.

An MFWD 8245R has a 121.3″ wheelbase. The 33,091 lb. John Deere’s 8245R is compatible with the L340 large-square baler and the perfect match for H480 loader. The base price starts at $258K and current incentives offer a 3.6% fixed rate of interest for 36 months. The John Deere 82545R is a great choice for an agribusiness looking for a 245-horsepower row crop tractors with many standard features and a wide range of options.