10 logo Design Mistakes to Avoid


You will find plenty of tips or steps about how to create the best logos how the logos perfectly represent your brand image and much more. But, for creating the perfect logo, you must know where you can go wrong and avoid it.

Here we have discussed 10 logo design mistakes to avoid while the logo designing process. It will stop you from committing the most common mistakes that can sabotage your whole logo designing process.

1.  Not Doing Research

Logo design acts as a symbol that communicates the values, views, and ideas of the brand to the target audience. You must wonder, how can you capture the essence of the brand and showcase it through the logo. For this, you must have a deep understanding of what you want to communicate with your audience. The more knowledge you have, the better it will be to turn it into reality.

Some designers start brainstorming without even having proper knowledge of the brand first. It results in creating a weak logo that does not reflect the brand image. So make sure you get proper knowledge about the brand as well as the competitors. Once you have the information, you can create a creative brief and keep all your team on the same page.

2.  Creating Your Logo Design in Color first

A good logo stands perfect on its own without any color in it. Color is one of the most important elements of a logo. However, if you start designing with colors, things can get complicated and unclear. It might become hard for you to judge the elements.

To make sure that your logo works in the real world, design the black and white version first. This will help you narrow down the designs out of multiple options. After that when you are ready, you can start using colors in the logo design.

You can use Designhill logo maker to help out with the designing process. It is equipped with certain graphic design tools to create an advanced and innovative logo design.

3.  Making an Inflexible Logo

Your logo design will be used in various ways and in different mediums. The logo design of your brand should work well in print, online, and in different sizes. If you have a complicated logo design, it might get hard to display the smaller details. Your logo might even fail to communicate messages with the audience. Next, if you want to create a billboard ad, an inflexible logo will create the worst experience when scaled up. A design size guide can be used to create a responsive design.

If the logo is too generic, your logo will not be distinctive enough to catch the attention of the audience. A good logo is future-proof, meaning that the logo will grow with your brand.

Also, the logo should be consistent with other branding materials like packaging designs, brochure designs, label designs, etc.

4.  Not Following Intuitive Process

While designing a logo, there are steps and processes you need to follow. If you tell your team to brainstorm ideas for your brand logo, you might get plenty of them. However, your team cannot create a responsive logo design that fits your business without any rules and guidance. Your team cannot choose one logo with no guidelines, or reasoning provided.

So, to save time and energy and make the logo designing process worth it, you must have a straightforward, intuitive process. Following such a process will ensure that you create custom logos that are perfect for your business. Later on, you can narrow down it to one logo that fits all your needs and demands.

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5.  Using Same Typography for Wordmark and Brand Content

When you are creating a wordmark logo design, you must keep typography simple and clean. However, choosing the perfect typography for your brand is not as simple as you might think. Your wordmark logo should have a font that is distinctive, unique, and a representation of your brand.

You can use a typeface for basic information for the logo but it should be customized in some way to make the typeface unique. Certain logo generators like logo maker designhill have plenty of unique typefaces that you can just pick and use without wasting loads of time on creating a new one.

6.  Confusing Your Terminology

If you wish to create a custom logo smoothly, you must ensure that everyone has the same idea and speaks the same language. Thus, it is crucial that you use the right terminology.

First of all, you must know what a logo is. The word ‘logo’ has become a common term used for an image associated with the brand, but a logo design is actually a visual representation with specific definitions for a logomark, wordmark, or combination mark.

Logomark– This consists of an image that acts as the logo or symbol of the brand. For instance, Apple’s apple, Nike’s famous swoosh, etc.

Wordmark– In this, the company has a logo which is all brand name. Businesses can experiment with different fonts and colors to make the most out of it. Famous examples of wordmark logos are Coca-Cola, Google, Gucci, etc.

Combination Mark– This logotype has both image and brand name fit together. For instance, Puma has a symbol as well as a company name in the logo.

7.  Creating Non-unique Design

Your brand logo design must be unique and distinctive. It is easy to get sidetracked with all of the popular design trends coming into the market. However, design trends do not last long. If you plan to create a logo that lasts long and is timeless, do not go with what is trending. Choose to create a minimalist and simple design.

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Designers are choosing trends and creating similar logo designs. Do not commit this mistake or your customers might think of you as someone else. Try to attract your customers by creating unique and impressive designs.

8.  Using Generic Imagery

Moving further, another lazy mistake you can commit while creating your brand logo is picking out generic imagery. The whole point of creating a logo is to create a unique representation that belongs only to you. However, choosing generic images or stock photos will only defeat the purpose.

For instance, picking a light bulb to symbolize great ideas has been used plenty of times in history, to do something new. You need to create a logo that represents your brand clearly. You can go with symbolism but try to be unique and creative.

9.  Using Inappropriate Imagery

Next, using inappropriate imagery is not trying to help in creating something suitable for your brand. It might drive away your customers. So, every detail needs to be handled carefully while creating a logo.

Shapes or white spaces can be used in a strategic manner to reinforce brand messaging in an effective way. However, if not used in an appropriate manner, it can be disastrous. You might unintentionally deliver the wrong message in the form of phallic shapes, inoffensive symbols in white space, etc. It is best to take views with fresh eyes as it can be hard to see mistakes when you are so immersed in the project.

10.              Not Providing Logo Guidelines

This is one of the most common mistakes committed so far. Do not make huge efforts to create an effective logo and then sabotage it by letting people use your brand the way they want. You need to preserve the integrity of your brand and for that, you must provide brand guidelines.

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