A Guide to Poker Hand Rankings- High Card

Since it first appeared in the online money-earning games world, poker online in India has grown in popularity among both amateur and professional card players. Indian poker’s core idea—to make the best five-card pairings of cards from the cards dealt to you—remains the same, but different variations of the game have developed over time and are now just as popular as the original game of playing poker online. There are numerous variations of the poker game, as well as innumerable other card games, like the blackjack game, bluff card game, the spades card game, spider solitaire 4 suits, solitaire game online, and call break online games (also called call bridge).

The games stated in the previous sentence each have their own goals and play mechanics, yet they are still built on the same traditional game. Individuals who are well versed with online poker on poker game sites have access to a repository of quick references plus good techniques when enjoying a card game like this. These are known as poker hand rankings or poker sequences. We shall look at the different sequences with an emphasis on the “High card,” one of the most common hands in the game.

The following topics have been touched upon in this article:

  • Hand Rankings in Online Poker
  • The High Card Poker Ranking
  • Importance of High Cards in Poker
  • Conclusion

1. Hand Rankings in Online Poker

Poker Hand Ranking is perhaps some of the most well-known techniques that are used by poker players when playing games online or on the table, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article. These rankings are comprised of several hand sequences, which may also be thought of as various card permutations that players can make throughout the course of a game. They also specify the relative importance of each of these card combinations when competing against other players. 

2. The High Card Poker Ranking

According to the poker hand rankings, High Card represents the worst possible hand that a player can hold. There is only a high card in it; there are no pairs or other types of hands.

You should immediately picture a hand with the greatest card when you hear the phrase “High Card.” The lowest hand in Texas Hold’em, though, is this one.

Even though you don’t have a pair, ranking these hands is still necessary for the system to function. A king-high hand would effectively defeat a queen-high hand. Jack-high loses to queen-high, and so on. The hand rank or value is crucial when comparing one High Card hand to another. The best High Card hand, then, is Ace-High, followed by King-High, Queen-High, and so on.

There are 1,277 different High Card hand ranks and 1,302,540 possible High Card hand combos in a 52-card deck. Each High Card is graded from highest to lowest, starting with its highest card, highest to lowest kicker, and so on.

3. Importance of High Card in Poker Online

According to the rules of online poker and the rules of hand rankings in general, the high card is the card ranking that lies at the lower end of the spectrum and hence is generally used for the purpose of breaking a tie in games when there are two or more players who are holding similar pairs of hands that cannot be used to determine one winner for the game. 

In addition to the main importance of a high card, the ranking is also considered an important hand in many other circumstances, depending on the situation that the player is faced with. Some of them are as follows:

A. When Selecting a Player or Number of Players Randomly in a Game

Poker players deal one card, and the person with the highest card by suit is chosen to deal, move to some other table, or choose a game. This technique allows for the selection of multiple players in a game.

B. When Assigning the Bring-in In a Game

A high card suit can be used to break ties in games where the player must start the bidding round with the card that is the lowest ranking in a face-up manner. This method is employed in many of the low stud card games like razz poker and seven-card stud poker.

C. When Splitting the Pot Amount Between Two Tied Winners of a Game

The pot amount must be divided equally between the two players that have managed to land up in a tie. The player with the highest card by suit can receive the odd low-denomination chip when there is an odd sum of money that needs to be divided equally. High-low split games use this strategy.

D. When Breaking the Ties in a Chip Race in Poker Tournaments

A chip race is a strategy used in poker tournaments to convert a significant amount of poker chips into smaller chips with a higher denomination. However, the value stays the same. A high card suit is used to break ties in the deal.

E. Rules for Tie Breakers in Online Poker- High Card

Tie-breaking guidelines for Texas Hold’em:

If every player has the same five cards, the pot is split equally as per the Texas Hold’em rules. A High Card is employed as a tie-breaker in a highly improbable scenario.

In the other variants of poker:

In other situations, the player’s hole cards are used to determine the winner. The pot is won by the player who has the best hole card.


We hope that this article was able to help players get an idea of what exactly card hand rankings are, what the high card ranking is specifically, and also how these cards can be of use to you or leave you at a disadvantage in games. Keep in mind that although the list of rankings here does bring a hierarchy into the game of poker, the real game is not won by the cards but by the player. Learn as much as you can about the game, practice more, and soon you will be able to win games with hands as low as the high card. Games like rummy online and the 3 2 5 card game also have hand rankings, but they differ from the rankings of poker.



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