Why Everyone Should Know CPR

Imagine being on a bus or a plane, and then someone near you suddenly can’t breathe? What to do? We have instances, whether at work, the bus station, or even at home, where people near you suddenly collapse and stop breathing. The first reaction is always fear and confusion because you have no idea what is going on, let alone what to do. However, the action you take in the next few minutes during this situation can be the difference between life and death. Such occurrences often indicate that someone could be going into cardiac arrest, which can be life-threatening. However, by performing CPR on the victim, you could bring them back to wellness.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is an essential life-saving emergency procedure meant to help a victim’s brain keep functioning until they get the necessary medical assistance they need. It should be an emergency procedure that can help a person who is unresponsive with no breathing. Here are the main reasons that you should consider learning CPR:

You Could Save a Life

About 70% of cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital, which means that they tend to occur in the victim’s home and workplace near their loved ones or coworkers. This is essentially the main reason why the American Heart Association has been pushing for CPR training, especially in schools.

Learning CPR is an essential life skill, especially considering the severity of cardiac arrests and how frequently they occur. Most people get put off by the idea that they have undergone CPR training classes. However, these classes are hands-on, interactive, and often given by supportive personnel. Learning this life-saving procedure is barely academic, and it will provide you with the skill and tactic you need to save a life if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to.

It is Easy to Learn

You don’t need to be medically trained to learn CPR; anyone can learn it. In most cases, if you take your lessons via a certified organization, it should take you a single class to understand the procedure. Other options might be signing up for Fluid First Aid courses, or reaching out to organizations like St. John Ambulance and American Red Cross for certification programs. These organizations are always eager to train anyone wanting to learn CPR.

You can also learn CPR from online resources; however, attending a physical class will give you the opportunity to ask questions and ensure you know the right technique before using it on anyone. A physical course will also help you get the necessary paperwork to confirm that you are certified to perform CPR if ever you are required to present evidence of training.

It Can Help with The Survival and Recovery of the Victim

Many people die of sudden cardiac arrest every year. Learning CPR can help you lessen this statistic because these techniques will help you intervene before first responders even get there. CPR gives oxygen to the victim’s brain as well as other vital organs. This, therefore, provides the victim with a chance of recovery before they get medical assistance.

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