What You Need to Know About Social Media Monitoring


Social Media Monitoring is the act of gathering valuable information useful to your business. You can check on what people are saying about you or your products or services across social channels. This helps you track social metrics such as knowing about your brand mentions, trends in your industry, relevant hashtags, and mentions of your competitors. You can use the collected insights to test brand messaging and measure your return on investment (ROI). This article explains the essential facts you need to know about social monitoring.

How Social Media Monitoring Work

Social Media Monitoring is often confused with Social Media Listening. The difference is that when you monitor social platforms, you respond to mentions. In contrast, social listening entails having a general look at industry trends and brand mentions to improve future decisions. However, both are incredibly crucial for the success of your brand.

Social monitoring helps control your brand reputation. Negative reviews can completely ruin your brand’s reputation if not well-handled. This explains why you need to keep up with your brand’s progress and respond accordingly. Remember that if you leave issues unresolved, they might go viral and harm your brand. However, some scenarios just don’t need action, because responding will only draw more attention to a non-issue, which can cause more harm than good.

The essential thing is awareness, and be sure the data derived is accurate. Having reliable data allows you to know the potential damaging or detrimental posts; this means that you can make the right decisions.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool

Choosing the right Social Monitoring Tool is crucial to ensuring your campaign and marketing strategy are on the right track. It also helps capture customer insights in real-time. Here is what to look for when selecting your monitoring tool.

Listening ability – Listening is one of the major steps for Social Media Monitoring, and it entails keeping watch of what is being said when and where. This is to make sure you get any information going round about your brand.

Integration – The tool you intend to purchase should be able to integrate with other tools or software for better performance.

Speed and accuracy – The derived data can only be helpful if received at the right time. Besides being fast, your monitoring tool should have the ability to provide well-analyzed and accurate social data.

Advantages of Social Media Monitoring

With its role of tracking and listening to online conversations, social monitoring can benefit your brand in many ways including;

Increasing Your Customer Base

Every eCommerce enterprise aims to attract more visitors who will convert to leads. Many websites want their visitors to pay for their first products or subscription to increase their conversion rates. So gaining your customer insights can help you adjust your marketing campaign to attract more customers.

Keep Up with Competitors

Gaining access to crucial customer information can help improve your performance and exploit new opportunities less known by your competitors. Similarly, occasional checking on your competitors’ websites can help you understand their marketing strategies, key customers, product development, and product positioning, all of which you can use to your advantage.

Improve Products or Services

Social Media Listening helps determine your products or services’ shortcomings and strengths. The insights derived can help improve your future products, develop new products, and make smart decisions.


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