What Is UI And UX In Web Design? How They Work Together?


For a website to be fully interactive and comprehensive, a web designer will need to work on handling the UX and UI properly. But what is UI and UX in web design? And how will you be able to properly combine their design principles in your work?

Well, in the following article, we’ll be taking a look at each factor and their important differences. This will allow you to fully understand what is UI and UX in web development and use them to your advantage.

Even if you don’t have any design knowledge, just by being able to understand what is UX and UI mean and having the right tools, you’re ready to make the best websites.

What is UI and UX in web design?

These concepts will help you understand what ui and ux are and what a ux and ui designer’s job entails.

UX Design

First things, when approaching web designs, one must be fully comprehensive regarding the overall experiences on the pages, to make sure that the users can be most comfortable with their web interactions.

Here, the UX designer needs to see how the web experiences will make people feel and make sure that the intuitive web interfaces will help visitors freely interact with certain products.

These include the placements and stylizations of your web components, how they direct people’s attention; or generate certain elements of style in your web designs.

Always offer a consistent web design that embraces the user flows and provides an all-round experience. As a result, they can use and interact with the web without difficulty.

UI Design

As for UI designs, these are elements of interactions that each on-page component has. Depending on the websites and the certain devices that people use to visit your page, you’ll need to preplan each interaction and animate them properly.

This will allow your webpages to be a lot more interactive and intuitive, so visitors will have no trouble exploring your websites and enjoying each of their interactions

How do they work together?

What Is UI And UX In Web Design? How They Work Together? 

With the two concepts under your belt, it’s time to understand how they work together. And for this, the simplest summary will be the famous quote by Helga Moreno:

“Something that looks great but is difficult to use is exemplary of great UI and poor UX. While something very usable that looks terrible is exemplary of great UX and poor UI. “

As you can see, there is no point in understanding what UX design and UI design are and creating a website with only one of these two elements being done properly. Instead, the two elements need to work together to produce the best designs.

How to improve the UI and UX without design knowledge?

But for beginners, it might be difficult to fully comprehend all these concepts and apply them to their designs. And if that’s the case, then you might want to explore the following guide, as it allows you to work on your web pages without any design knowledge.

And for that, you’ll need the help of the convenient web design tool from Visily, which will provide its users with convenient and useful design features with smart and efficient implementations.

Use others’ design ideas

Right now, you’re at a stage when you only know what UI and UX mean and barely have any design knowledge. So, it’s always better for you to use others’ designs for references and inspiration. Always look for the time-tested web designs on the related pages.

Study their design principles and web interactions to use in your future designs. Or you can simply copy their designs and apply them to your new web pages if you want immediate results.

And to do this, non-designers can use Visily to instantly turn any website into their interactive mockups. Feel free to copy certain web URLs, take their screenshots, or work on your own sketches, before putting them inside Visily.

Here, the app will instantly turn the materials into intuitive and interactive web designs, to which you can then add your own personal elements to create a new page with little trouble.

 Web Design

Work on your designs using smart tools and presets.

And to make your designs more beautiful and interactive with your limited understanding of what UX and UI design are, people can use design templates and presets to make their work a lot easier.

With Visily, you will have access to many beautiful designs that were created by experts and based on the most authentic webpages on the Internet. As a result, it enables you to improve your design performance and work quality with minimal effort.

All you need to do is to select the software and browse through the many provided design options, then choose whichever web layouts and interactions that you want to have on your future pages. Use the design materials and tools to adjust your Visily mockups accordingly.

Make good use of design tips.

And for beginners, you desperately need good design tips, not just what UX and UI design are but also how you can make your designs look better and handle the certain problems that arise with each project.

Hence, Visily’s inbuilt AI assistant will really come in handy, as it will consistently accompany you throughout the design process and provide you with good design tips no matter what trouble you may be having.

Feel free to turn to the smart assistant during each stage of your web design process, so you can be sure of what to do next.

Working with a team

In addition, it’s highly recommended that you work with a team of designers and developers, who can help you with your many design projects. It’s not to say that you need to let go of Visily, as the software also allows users to connect and collaborate in the online workspaces.

Here, you can manage, edit, and share your web design projects with other authorized members and allow them to help you with your many problems. The intuitive and interactive interfaces, together with the simultaneous online operations, will make sure that you can always enjoy the team interactions.


For those of you who are wondering what UI design and UX design are or what UI and UX development are, hopefully, our post has answered your questions and provided you with the right solutions for empowering both.

These are two important elements of your web design process that should not be neglected. By featuring the two at their best, you can have the most interactive, intuitive, and comprehensive websites for users.

And if you lack design skills and knowledge, Visily is an excellent tool for improving both the UX and UI of your websites. Use it well to never have to worry about what is UI and UX in graphic design.