What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a hosting atmosphere where one or more servers are devoted to individual clients. The client efficiently rent the server from the hosting provider. The hosting provider supplies the server machine, the connectivity and the necessary software and operating system to run the server.

Dedicated server hosting is of two categories: managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting.

  • In managed dedicated hosting, the hosting provider offers the service of organizing and maintaining the server in the said datacenter. This comes handy if you cannot afford the personnel, money or time to function a server in-house. Those web developers who do not want to be bogged down by server management activities prefer this service.
  • In unmanaged dedicated hosting, the support and maintenance features are not provided by the hosting provider and thus will have to be done by the customers themselves. This is generally the hosting preference for system administrators who fancy managing their servers themselves.

Dedicated hosting is the reverse of shared hosting. Here the resources are distributed among different patrons. It is important for those websites that involve plenty of disk space, bandwidth, applications and software to control. This enables a high volume of traffic and fast data transfer for websites. It gives webmasters an overall control on their website. This is because their website performance is controlled strictly by internal factors and no one else. Installation and embedding of complex applications for web developers, like online shopping tools and automated tools are done without disturbing the constancy of the servers.

There are no standards laid down for managed dedicated hosting. Therefore it is vital to find out different ranges of services offered by various hosting providers. Depending on the packages and necessities of the customer, different levels of support are set along with different setups and maintenance scope for the servers. Examples can be ranges of hosting providers who give shared infrastructure for the backend database and then clients host their applications on a dedicated server. Sometimes the vice versa is also seen.

When it comes to security, the dedicated hosting security feature is much better as compared to shared hosting. In a cheap dedicated hosting service, the hosting provider usually provides intense security features to fight with potential security threats on the hosted websites. Also, since the dedicated server can only be accessed by the site owner and the dedicated hosting provider, there are fewer possibilities of a security violation.

Summing up, due to the flourishing of complex e-commerce websites and other improved functionalities, the adoption of dedicated hosting India is increasing considerably. This has lead to increasing demand for resources and stability on the hosting platform. For starters, you can always start with shared hosting and then gearing up the hosting abilities collectively with the website’s functionalities and then finally shifting to a dedicated hosting situation.

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