How Exante’s Web-Trading Platform Does


If you’re a trader looking for a reliable trading platform Exante, then Exante can assist you in allowing you to trade smoothly and effectively. In this article we’ll review the history of Exante and then explain how the web-based trading platform works. The purpose of this guide is to help people be aware of the way Exante’s platform operates so that you can make an informed decisions about which one you would like to use the platform to trade on. Be sure to continue to read.

Background of Exante

Exante is an EU-based multi-licensed investment company that gives traders access to a variety of financial instruments via an all-in-one multi-asset, multiple-currency solution.Exante’s trading platform allows traders to gain access to more than 600,000 financial instruments like exchange-traded funds, stocks (ETFs) options, bonds, futures and many more.

It was created in the year 2011 by its co-founders Alexey Kirienko, GatisEglitis, and Anatoly Knyazev. The goal of the founders in establishing the trading platform was making it as simple as it could be for customers to invest or trade in financial instruments that are used for business. According to the company, they believe the world of finance must be as easy and accessible just like the information. Exante was created in order to increase the connectivity across the globe of the financial service industry. The investment firm currently has offices in areas like Cyprus, Hong Kong, Malta and London.

Exante’s online trading platform

Exante’s trading platform on the web gives traders a quick and speedy method of trading right from their browser. Wherever they are in the world, as long they’re connected to the internet it is possible to stay in the middle of the financial markets using this simple and simple-to-use tool for trading. The trading platform on the web is accessible without the need to download or install anything. It can be used with either Chrome, Safari, Opera or Firefox.


When using the online trading platform users will be able to view on the Instruments tab. This tab lists all financial instruments offered by. Exante provides over 600 000 instruments with over 50 different markets. Instruments include ETFs and stocks and currencies, as well as precious metals and precious metals, as well as futures and options, funds bonds and so on. They are organized alphabetically and are categorized by the type. Instead of trying to find the instruments, simply type in the name of the instrument or ticker into your search box.

Thus, traders who want to trade on the NASDAQ could simply type it into the search box. You can also click the NASDAQ node to open the drop-down menu of stocks offered that are listed alphabetically. The stocks are Apple, American Airlines Group along with Atlantic American, to name some. To begin monitoring the price of the instruments the trader needs to drag and drop in order to join the instrument to Quote Monitor. Traders can also customize their settings according to their own trading preferences.

It is crucial to know that the options aren’t visible on the Instruments tree by default. To alter this, go to Settings and turn the switch to show options button. Depending on the internet speed, loading could take several minutes.


Exante’s web platform also permits traders to visualize their financial information through by making use ofCharts. You can customize the Chartaccording to various intervals of time select the style of your chart and also include drawings or indicators, and many other options.

Exante is also a great way for traders to work with each other. If you wish to share an Exante Chart to a person you know then you simply paste a link into the Address Bar. The link not only shows the instrument you’re trading but also the timeframe. If traders are concerned regarding their personal privacy Exante allows traders to send links for Demo Chart. Demo Chart. The quote on the Demo Chart is delayed by minimum 30 minutes.

Other functions you can perform using Exante’s Charts are activating the logarithmic scale and adding modifications, adding, or eliminating indicators, modifying, adding or removing drawings and also the option to see more information about OHLC candles.

Quote Monitor

Exante’s Quote Monitor provides traders with real-time quote streams. Traders simply drag and drop as many as 100 financial instruments¬†onto the Monitor to track their movements. Actually it is the Quote Monitor is designed to gather all the necessary information concerning an exchange.

The data that is required include the name of the instrument along with descriptions and prices for the ask, bid or mid prices, as along with the bid and size of the ask, the most recent quote update date, price fluctuations in percentage and absolute in terms, as well as the status of the quote feed. While it might seem overwhelming at first traders can choose of clicking the gear symbol on near the center of the screen. This lets them choose which columns are displayed and modify the look and feel of their trading platform.

Time and sales

The Extante’s Time & Sales Module provides all the data on trades for the instrument you select at the exchange of your choice. Each line is tick-by-tick information provided from the exchange’s website in real-time. It includes time of trade, the prices, averages and the total size. Recent trades are always in the top position, while others are listed by date in descending order.

If an instrument is not carrying any information about trades, Exante will display a warning signal that traders can see and note.

Market depth

Market Depth is the name of the module that gives the list of current limit orders that are organized by price and then grouped by the trading side. Each row of this spreadsheet are color-coded so that traders can see the histogram in terms of the total size. The total size starting with the most profitable bid and ask price. The module allows traders to analyze the market’s conditions by identifying resistance and support zones as well as price levels.