Ways to Increase Followers on Instagram


Instagram soon became a fun application for children and has become a platform for content marketing, sales, and networking for individuals and companies. It has about 200 million active monthly members, 60 million imagery, and 1,6 billion likes per day and one of the most popular social networking sites on the globe.

How fantastic is it? Brand commitment rates are less than 0.1 percent on other social networks, but Instagram blasts them out all. The average brand participation rate for Instagram was 58 times greater than on Facebook, in Forrester’s research.

Create your Brand Hashtags

You may basically build a collection of your greatest material by means of a dedicated, unique, or branded hashtag. If a potential follower discovers you with a highly targeted tag, after you view your top posts, you will be more inclined to follow.

For each of your Instagram marketing initiatives, you may also consider establishing a branded tag. A digital marketing agency Dubai aims to create brand hashtags for your business. In certain instances, this is a preferable alternative, because frequently it sounds less prominent than mentioning a specific firm name, for example. On the other hand, hashtags in campaigns are often utilized by followers, who then catch their links. They, too, may begin to follow you if they share similar interests.

Use Industry-Specific Hashtag

You want supporters interested in what you are offering. The main effect would be relatively few followers using phrases not unique to your business. In this scenario, you need to employ hashtags in your postings to browse your target audience.

The more detailed you are, the more interested you are and the more likely you are to join. In addition, more accurate tags reduce the number of competitors that compete for the same people that you want. This makes it easier to locate and follow your accounts.

Use Your Bio as a Weapon

It’s a valuable property on your Instagram profile. Do you want your organics to connect solely to, now and forever, your website? Yawn. Change it to the most recent material or popular content for at least two weeks, and utilize this link in your profile to increase traffic.

Write Interesting Captions

When it comes to suggestions for Instagram’s subtitles, you must think beyond the obvious hashtags in one word. Certainly, you would like to utilize them too, but mix them in to convey part of your narrative using Hashtags. Be humorous, sarcastic, or scandalous – don’t simply be BORING.

A thousand words worth a picture, yet you can’t totally skip the words. National Geographic is excellent to use stories to create commitment and share with Instagram photographs. While conventional media businesses have fallen like flies, NatGeo has flourished digitally and become one of the world’s top brands with over 50 million followers on Instagram.

Collaborate with Influencer

Visit the profiles of each individual in your room (AKA a person who influences those whom you want to see) and “Turn on Post Notifications” to be alerted when new content is shared. You may regularly connect with them and become one of their favorite individuals or companies.

Create your Own Style

It’s human nature that you want to be part of, yet you want to stand out on Instagram. The Indian drink brand Frooti is designed in such a unique visual style. Any time a user sees a Frooti post on his newsfeed, it is immediately identifiable.

How to Increase Followers?

  • Create a unique hashtag using your business name or a phrase that is catchy.
  • Promoting your hashtag on your other social platforms, on your website, and on your email explosion.
  • To ensure a relevant follow-up, use industry-specific hashtags
  • Make your hashtags creative. Be wild, sarcastic, or scandalous – but never dull!
  • Use hashtags on events like seminars, meetings, yearly events, and even local events.
  • Watch important subject hashtags and trends. Join these talks to meet more people. Join them.
  • To transmit the traffic to the latest or most popular content, use your bio link.
  • Write descriptive subtleties. Storytelling helps to create participation and sharing.


No matter you take assistance from an Instagram marketing agency or hire an internal digital marketing person internally, the above-mentioned tips will help you.