What’s The Best Way To Set Up Bellsouth Email On iPhone?


Bellsouth email is now gaining popularity throughout the world. The reason this email is widespread today is because of its incredible features and its strong branding value. Users can have access to Bellsouth email via a variety of mediums including smartphones, tablets as well as laptops, computers, and desktops. Today, we’ll discuss how to create Bellsouth email on an Apple iPhone since this model of phone is used by people across the globe.

The procedure of creating Bellsouth mail on an Apple iPhone is quite easy but there are a few steps you have to do in the right manner in order to be possible to setup the email in a proper manner. The steps we’re about to talk about are applicable for all iPhone models. Although there are minor variations in the steps, but the fundamental steps are the identical. So, without additional effort,

Let’s find out the steps involved:

1. It is necessary to begin by clicking on the “Mail, Contacts and Calendars option. It is under the ‘Setting’ menu.

2. If you choose that option you will need to create new email accounts, or connect another email address to the device. Once you’ve added the Bellsouth the email username ID You can then use a different email ID or a third 3rd third-party email app to send and receive email using your Bellsouth email account.

3. Following that, you will need to open your Settings application on the Apple iPhone and then choose the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ option.

4. There will be a choice called ‘Accounts’. you must tap, and then tap on the option that says “Add Accounts”.

5. After clicking “add accounts” and then select ‘Other’ as the account type.

6. You’re ready to click the button “Add Mail Account”.

7. In this case there are a number of empty fields you need to fill in. You will be able to enter your name and you Bellsouth Net username and email identification number, as well as your password in the correct manner.

8. You must fill in Bellsouth email server details into the fields that are blank. The server for email used by Bellsouth employs is part of AT&T The reason is, Bellsouth has been bought by AT&T.

You must enter ‘inbound.att.net within the host name field, which is in the section incoming mail server. In the Username field, you need to enter ‘jhonduncen@gmail.com’. The word ‘CustomerID’ will be replaced by the number for your customer ID. This number can be found by contacting experts. In the field for passwords you must enter the email password you use for Bellsouth email.

The next step is next: the Outgoing Mail Server section. When you are in the host name field you must enter ‘smtp.mail.att.net’. Once you have added this ID, then you will have to enter ‘jhonduncen@gmail.com’ in the Username field. Like the mail incoming server, you’ll need replace ‘CustomerID’ with that number for your Customer ID you were given when creating an account on your Bellsouth email. Then, you must create a password to access the Bellsouth mail ID.

9. Click Next to confirm that you have the Bellsouth account settings in Your Apple iPhone.

Customizing your email settings:

When you’ve set your Bellsouth email address and you are done, take a few minutes to alter the way that email is delivered to and read by your email application. To do this it is necessary to access the Settings app and select the categories of ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars after which you can tap the “Bellsouth account email” located under the heading ‘Accounts. You can then set other settings, such as how often your iPhone must check emails you receive. You can also select the amount of time you wish to store emails from central servers. If you encounter any issues, you can seek the assistance of Bellsouth customer support. They can help you the most effectively.