USA Region: Which sat phone is right for me?


Satellite phones are the ones that make backcountry communications possible. They allow people stuck in remote locations to make calls from anywhere to any location in the world. Sat phones are capable of ditching hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods. Almost no havoc on power and communication can disrupt the functioning of a satellite phone. In most cases, a cell tower goes down and the whole network comes at a risk. As sat phones rely on a network of satellites, they help to bypass the entire local system. 

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) or the Equator (Geostationary) anywhere ranges from 500 to 1,000 miles above the surface of the earth, sat phones work. Most of the time, public safety agencies, government, shippers, and energy companies, and rescue operations are the traditional buyers of sat phones. With the changing world, the private sector has also jumped to the field and has been actively spending on sat phones. People’s love for tracking, adventure, and other sporty things also let them invest in such tools. Yes, these are not less than a miracle for some people who love adventure in today’s world. So, if you know someone adventurous and often set on the road for joy, then you can gift them a sat phone. 

Take a look at the best and the most affordable satellite phones and plans.

Inmarsat IsatPhone2

If you want to choose the best value option then go for Inmarsat IsatPhone2. It consists of many features such as a dedicated SOS button. It helps to connect to the GEOS dispatch centre and other network areas where you can rely on emergency notifications. Many third-party retailers give this phone for free along with the purchase of a yearly contract. If you are looking for online sellers then you can contact This eCommerce platform offers a wide range of sat phone options. You will get 3 satellites, global usage areas, Inmarsat voice. Here, you would get mains universal AC chargers, rechargeable battery, warranty documentation, and a quick-start guide.

Iridium 9555

Out of the many voice calling options, it is the most expensive one. But we are not saying it is out of pocket. You can send thousands of messages from four countries over the network. It seems to always give a signal to the phone. They are positioned 1,200 miles above the surface of the earth. The reception quality and the extensive coverage help stay on the network. The Iridium LEO satellites provide crystal-clear communications. Mostly, the reception is most noticeable in canyons and valleys. Sometimes, dropped calls, in this case, are not uncommon the reason being the streaking across of the satellite across the sky. It is a convenient phone because of its compact size and robustness. The sound quality of connectivity is one of the best advantages the user can reap. Moreover, if you are looking for an impressive network, then this phone stands out from the rest. 

Thales MissionLINK Iridium

It provides services even in the mountainous terrain. PoP based IP Data and built-in firewall in the Outfitter Satellite service plan gives control of the IP data usage budget. Three voice lines provide low latency and superb audio quality. With the help of the Zoiper phone app, you can access the voice calling services without any hassle. The best thing about this sat phone is that it makes it possible to have a wired connection too. As per experts, it offers an easy to the user interface, multiple user capability, 4G LTE, and Iridium PTT ready. With Thales Mission LINK, you can also track the location. The sat phone has been widely used for land vehicle applications. It also offers protection against dust intrusion and water. Also, permanent mounting and roof-mounting on buildings are available with Thales Mission LINK. 

The Bottom Line

The main sat phones have been discussed in the article. The major key parameters that can help you decide are cost, connectivity. So, give it a thorough read, and brainstorm what best choice you can make. No need to stress about it. Portability is almost the same for all three of them. Moreover, the name of the best sat phone vendor is also provided above. Take the right decision to make your work easy. All the best!