Top Tips To Consider Before Outsourcing A Project


Whether you are a freelancer or a business, there are certain projects which you might need to outsource. There are certain advantages associated with outsourcing which makes it a viable choice for many. Before discussing the things to consider before outsourcing a project, let us take a look at the advantages.

Advantages Of Outsourcing

The most common reason for outsourcing a project is cost. The project might not be worth your time and effort. But there is always a person who is willing to do the same thing for a lesser amount. You can make a profit as well. It is like a win-win situation. Similarly, if you are based in the West, you can outsource the project to Middle Eastern countries. The difference in wages means that you can earn a huge profit. It is why many businesses outsource their projects such as UAE. Top tier web design companies such as Go Gulf in UAE are some of the leading names for outsourcing projects,

At times, the project might require a resource or skill which you do not have. Instead of trying to hire a new resource or learn the skill, it is better to outsource it to a skilled professional. This will save you quite a hassle. There are numerous other advantages but let’s shift the focus back to our topic.

Tips To Consider Before Outsourcing A Project


If you are outsourcing the project or a part of it to another organization or a freelancer, one must check their reviews. If there are no reviews available, you can ask around. Someone will surely know about them or you can ask them to provide a list of at least 3 references. Follow up with the references to make sure that the organization/freelancer is capable of handling the work you are about to assign them. Otherwise, if they are unable to work as per the requirements, it is you who might end up losing a valuable client.


Besides the reputation, the experience must also be considered. For instance, you have a client that you have been working for the last 5 years. In their latest project, you decide to outsource a few tasks. Will you outsource to a firm/individual who just started off? The answer is no because they might not be able to complete the work as per the requirements or within the deadline. This will jeopardize your relationship with the client. Therefore, always take into account the experience of the other party before outsourcing. Some projects can be outsourced to someone with 6 months of experience, while others may require a 10-year experience.


Make sure that the other party is ready to sign a contract. If they are unwilling to sign a contract, it can spell trouble later on. A contract is a legal binding document which ensures that rights of each party are protected. The refusal to sign a contract absolves the other party of any legal commitment. They might refuse to hand over the project at the last moment or try to sell the project to another party. Therefore, having a contract means there would be legal consequences which everyone tries their best to avoid.


How well does the other party respond to your texts, emails, and other forms of communication? If they take too long to communicate back, it might indicate a lack of interest on their part. Similarly, their communication style would also tell you a lot about their professionalism and other aspects. If they lack good communication skills, we can assure you that outsourcing a project to them is a choice you will regret.

Start Small

Never outsource the entire project in one go. It is better to start off with small tasks. This will give you valuable insights into how the other party works, their skills & capabilities. If they do end up making a mistake, its not too late to assign it to another party or do it yourself. Likewise, a mistake or mess up in one small component of a big project can be rectified easily as compared to fixing the entire project. So, always outsource smaller components of the project. Once you feel that the other party is quite capable, you can start outsourcing an entire project or bigger portions of it.

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Have Someone to Manage

It is better to appoint an employee to manage the outsourced project. Otherwise, you might not know what the other party is doing. They might not have started the project at all. It is quite common to make an excuse at the last moment and ask for more time. Also, there needs to be robust communication between you and the other party. This can only be ensured if there is a dedicated resource working on the outsourced project. Otherwise, important information may be skipped or lost.

Wrap Up

Outsourcing a part or the entire project is a risky decision. For small businesses, this decision is even riskier. One bad decision can lead to the permanent closure of the business. Therefore, it always better to take an informed decision. With the tips we have listed above, you can easily decide if the other party is capable of completing the work assigned to them.