Top Mobile App Blogs – All Application Developers Should Follow


The fastest growing industry in today’s world is undoubtedly the smartphone one. And without the awesome applications, they have, those smartphones would be useless. So, in a world, where everyone is so excited about apps and smartphones, how can we stay connected to all the latest happenings in the same? Well, it is very easy.

And you can employ the same strategy all the app development companies in Jaipur are doing – Following the industry leaders and mobile app development blogs.

Here’s the top list we have for you:

  1. Engadget

On Engadget, you will find updates about all upcoming technology, news about gadgets, and apps all at one place. You will find experts reviews there as well as video demonstrations of how a mobile app or newly launched smartphone looks like or operates.

  1. The Verge

The Verge is one of the world’s most popular new company in online terrain. You just have to jump on its mobile section to access the trending technology news faster than anywhere else. No matter if you are a fan of reviews or finding of the top application development, you will find everything there. This website contains reviews, features, discussion and videos about the new tech gadgets or applications.

  1. Wired

Wired is more about the web design and visual elements of technology. Wired shows you the success stories of many tech millionaires and billionaires. It takes you to the behind the scenes of your most-liked gadgets or devices. Everything mentioned here is mentioned incomplete details.

  1. Life Hacker

Life Hacker’s tech section is very worthwhile to read for all tech lovers. One of the greatest things to stay connected with Life Hacker is, you won’t find copied and pasted articles here. You won’t find, useless informative articles. Anything you find here will be very well tested and proven. You can just go ahead and use a hack all by yourself.

  1. Know Your Mobile

This blog is very informative for people who think they don’t have the absolute understanding of mobile. For example, the elderly can come here and get to know the very basic features of using a smartphone. On the other hand, the youth can find very informative details on how to save their devices from cyber attacks and such.

  1. Mashable

I have been reading Mashable from quite a few years now. The articles here are many a time lengthy but informative. If you are a tech-enthusiast, you can even publish your own tech articles there. It generally features the latest news and happenings in the world of technology.

  1. GigaOm

Before buying a device, we often think that how hard it can be to run this? Would it consume so much of my time to master the art of running such a device? And this blog comes as our saviour in such a case. It shows the information on different mobile channels and the complexity to use them.

  1. Flurry

Flurry is best known for the accurate statistics it shows We understand that while it can not be the cup of tea of everybody. But for the people who have a deep interest in knowing the statistics of mobile applications, then Flurry will be like heaven to them. So go ahead, and check it out.

  1. App Advice

You don’t have to worry about updating your mobile application once you get connected to this awesome blog. It features all the latest and state of the art version of any mobile app you have on your mobile. No matter, if its gaming, video, money, novel, chatting, video calling, or any other app, you will find its latest version here.

  1. All Tech Considered

Do you want to find everything related to technology at one place? Then, you need not go any further than All Tech Considered. It is one such blog that lives up to its name. From web applications to mobile, videos to podcasts, articles to how to lists everything is present here beautifully.

Now, you just have to go ahead and choose a few of these blogs to keep your technology game stronger than anybody else in your office. Knowledge about the upcoming technology, apps, and gadgets is important for a mobile app developer so he can know which technology he should learn next.