Top Data Science Companies in India that You Should Work For


Data science Python courses are opening up new path breaking opportunities for IT engineers, business analysts, and technology innovation researchers to upgrade their skills and join the neo AI ML  revolution!

The Indian data science landscape is still in its infancy if compared to advanced destinations in the US, Canada, UK, China, Australia, and Japan. In fact, the US, Canada, and China alone account for more than 80% of the global data science revenues, and the trend is not expected to be disrupted at least for the next 5-7 years.

But, closer home, we have a fast paced market ruled by the recent spurt of innovations and developments in the fields of smart banking, food technology, fintech, blockchain, IT hardware and networking, education software, and marketing intelligence. 

In this article, I have identified the top data science companies that you could work for with a data science Python certification under your belt.


I have been lucky to have been a witness to Wipro’s journey into AI. India’s well known enterprise firm has its own AI platform built on advanced data science technology — it’s called HOLMES. If you have a certification in data science or AI development experience, you can be part of Wipro’s recent projects across diverse business processes, and IT infrastructure management.

It is also slowly emerging as a kingpin in the AI for cognitive based solutions that are finding feet in industries like banking and insurance, medicine, mobile applications, marketing intelligence, and governance. If you love to explore cybersecurity with AI as a major tool, Wipro AI is a great destination to home your skills in automation, business analytics, and predictive intelligence. 

Reserve Bank of India

RBI is India’s centralized banking institution that also doubles up as a regulatory body. With so much happening in the fields of digital payments, mobile wallets, and crypto, RBI is slowly firing up its engine to embrace data science and upgrade its technical expertise in-house. 

In 2018, RBI announced its foray into the digitally equipped finance markets with heightened supervision and regulation. 

If you are excited about the fintech industry, RBI could be the best opportunity for you in Payment Management, User information security architecture, currency management, and Blockchain.

Serum Institute of India

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines are considered as the most advanced applications of data science research applied directly to population and epidemiology. Serum Institute of India or SII has proved to be a lifesaver in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has accelerated its production levels to back breaking, without losing its trust and accountability factor! How? The world’s largest vaccine manufacturer is a superlative destination for healthcare and pharma/ biopharma data scientists to test their mettle in the fight against the pandemic.

SII not only creates life saving vaccines for India but also exports drugs to Africa. As part of SII, data science teams would earn the opportunity to work with the WHO, PATH, NIBSC/HPA, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CBER, AktivDry/Colorado University, EDQM, RIVM/NVI, NIH/CDC, Rhein Biotech, USAID, University of Massachusetts and several other international organizations.


When BYJU’s started off its journey in edtech, the Indian market was a fertile ground for classroom-based programs. Within 5 years, the scenario has changed dramatically for edtech companies, and BYJU’s is leading the race, not just because it has a superior product experience, but also due to its prolific AI and Data Science team.

With a data science Python course, you have a great chance to be part of edtech industry, and starting with BYJU’s is a decent way to start. According to a job market research firm, the online tutoring firm pays a data science professional an average salary between INR 880,000 and INR 15,00,000.


I have been closely monitoring the job market for data scientists in India — and Accenture is one of the top and best employers of data science professionals for AI, Cloud, and Security domains. 

Some of the prolific job titles are:

  • Data Science Application Lead
  • AI Analyst
  • Digital Engineering Practitioner
  • Data Science Application Developer, and so on.

Indian data science market is growing at just the right speed to keep the revenue blocks moving forward and attracting a decent number of investors from around the world. So, it’s a great time for you to explore a career in data science, especially if you are already clear about joining a data science python course.